Friday, December 3, 2010

Bling for Ring

Helloop! Happy Saturday to my semut2 kesayangan!

Today i feel like talking about marriage.
A lot of people at my age have common concern on these things:

a) Studies
b) Career
c) Boyfriend (s) or Girlfriend (s)
d) Image building
e) Marriage

The list is not based on priorities because different people have different priorities.
For this post, i'm going to put focus on MARRIAGE.

When i ask people about their marriage plans, money is always the issue.
Let us see what the CASH is really for.

At the filrting stage, money is needed for these things:
Eating out, movies, car gas, presents, SMSs, Calls (especially when having a fight. hehe). They are not free you know.

Pre- Marriage.
The engagement ring, the dulang hantaran, and also some preparation for after marriage like a car and house. My guy has a huge concern on this area.
He said "We must put effort on money savings before getting married, not just for the majlis, but also for the crucial things we need after we are married. i obviously want you to have a good life and not to regret marrying me. Marriage is damn important, its not just about akad nikah. Important things actually come after Majlis kahwin".

Any how the burden shouldnt be only on guys just bcoz they are the hubbies. Common girls, help your man!

Kenduri Kahwin.
I dont blame anyone for having wild imaginations and fantasies for their wedding ceremony. Ofcourse we want the best for our important day but what we actually need to consider is the money in our pockets. Bank loans for one-day wedding? You gotta be kidding me. Belum apa2 dah ada hutang.

Be humble people. We dont need extra grand wedding just to impress the guests or our in-laws. Just imagine, after spending one whole lot of money for the Majlis, later at night, both of you in bed, instead of having fun, you are thinking of the ways to pay the debts. My guy once said "Dont be too busy decorating the door and forget the interior of the house". Deep :)

I didnt realize that babies can take up so much money. I dont have babies around me, not even among my cousins. So basically i dont have a clue about newborns and its need for cash. One day while having dinner, my dearest talked about this and it really opens up my eyes.

He said "When you are pregnant, there will be some spending on good food, for the baby's growth. And also money for check ups. Later when you are giving birth, there will be spending on hospitalization. Takkan you x nak hospital yg selesa kan?. After giving birth, you'll need money for post check ups, and ofcoz some good food for your baby. Good milk costs a lot these days. Pampers dia lagi. Dont get me started with education..."

In conclusion, we have to think ahead. Falling and being in love is a beautiful thing. Its fun and exciting. But most people tend to forget about the less fun side of love, which is RESPONSIBILITY.
Start saving money for a better future for your family. (mcm iklan bank pulak hehe)

To Mr. boyfie:
Thank you so much for all the serious talk we had, I'm a better person bcoz of u.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids Eating Cute Chicky

Hello babies.

I've been thinking about chicken this morning (like every other morning, hehe).
I discovered that most restaurants that are serving chickens as their main course use logos with cute chicken in it. For example, chubby chicken with a happy face.

How can they have cute chickens as mascots while they are actually chopping them and serving them in plates?

Lets take KFC as example, they have Chicky as their mascot with the purpose of tackling the young customers. Kids love Chicky. Especially when Chicky performs cute dance and do other cute stuffs.

What if they found out that they are actually eating Chicky?
Chicky Meal is actually serving Chicky as a meal. Chicky on a plate. No more dancing. Its chopped and served. :'(

They should consider to copy A&W for a change. Using cuddly bear as mascot and its just as mascot and not actually a walking meal.

Its just a thought. huhu.

Well kids, guess what, YOU ATE CHICKY!!
(i can give details on how they cook Chicky.. call me *wink*)

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha to everyone!

Arwah Chicky

Friday, November 5, 2010

Speeding and Loud Music are Relatives.

Hye everyone..
Happy Deepavali to all Kajols and Malhotras

is my car. He's a black kembara.
The name was given by my wife, kupai back in my TESL years.
Anyway, this post is not about Jonet, just wana reintroduce him to my readers.

I love driving fast. Truly.
If only i have a fancy car with better engine (no offence Jonet, i love u still), i would be racing everyday, even if i'm just going to 7-eleven for a botlle of pepsi.

There are many factors that could trigger a driver to drive fast on the highway.
As for me, Music is a huge factor.
Other reasons could be-
1. Toilet emergency
2. Stupid fool who's driving too close to my bumper
3. Stupid fool who blinks the lights all the time as if he cant slow down
4. Sleepy and cant wait to reach home
5. Late for class (when im in my nerd mode, or else i just take my time)
6. Damn hungry
7. Jusco sale... perhaps.. hihi

Normal drivers love to listen to some music while driving. Especially when driving alone.
A research says that loud music can get your heart to pump actively. It gets u excited. U will feel a rush of blood going tru ur vains like a speed boat (dramatic, i know). Loud Music can trigger most drivers (with normal hearts' response) to drive faster.

Jadi, pasang lah lagu kuat2 dan menari lah!!.... errrr.. no no, i didnt mean that.. i take those back.. lets move on--

I watched a documentary once, it said something about the american soldiers in Iraq. While they are in action, loud music will be turned on. The music is put in their helmets' speaker (or something). It said that it motivates them to shoot and be more agressive during the attacks.

Interesting kan? (for me it is)

Why dont u do some experiment on this. Later when ur driving, u try to listen to David guetta's music and see how u drive. and then, u listen to some nasyid. Compare ur driving styles.

I wont say that slow songs are good for driving either, because it can get ur mind elsewhere and berangan mengikut irama. Bahaya ok.

Anyhow, I wish a safe journey to all road users, driving fast is one thing, driving safe is another.. so--

(cek road tax, tarikh lesen, minyak hitam, lampu kreta sbelum mula memandu ok)


Monday, November 1, 2010

Heart-You Quiz

1. When did you meet?
>> 3 years and a half ago.

2. Who made the first move?
>> I did. haha. It was not flirting (at first), i took his number for koko activities n we started to be friends since then.

3. Who's dominant in ur relationship?
>> He is.

4. How long does it take for the both of you to get involve in serious relationship?
>> almost two years since we first met.

5. Was it easy to fall for your partner?
>> He was quiet at first, but as we started to talk, i would say, its almost impossible not to fall for him. :)

6. How did she/he proposed?
>> He proposed twice actually. Not that i rejected any of it. I said 'yes' twice. hehe. At first it was tru text msg, then he said he wanted to make it official, then he brought me to a beautiful dinner and proposed again. Best times.

7. Do you guys fight?
>> Yes we do. We are different individuals, ofcourse we have conflict on things. Thank God, we never had big fights.

8. How do you guys deal with the fight?
>> He's very very calm in dealing with our conflicts. He'll get us to talk and we find ways to get over it.

9. How often do you meet?
>> On the evarage of 2-3 times a week.

10. What do you like most about him/her?
>> I like the fact that he's ambitious. He's full of surprises. He's very understanding (VERY)

11. Is he/she protective?
>> Very. Singa!

12. Whats ur best memory with him/her?
>> Banyak lah.. hehe.. the best would be something to do with a scooter.

13. He/she reminds you of?
>> Knight in shining armour. hehe

14. Your ringtone for your partner? his/her ringtone for you?
>> Travis, Closer. Im not sure if he changed it but it use to be Justin Bieber song.

15. Your special song with him?
>> Well as much as i hate this song, i would say Justin Bieber, Baby. he likes it.

16. One thing u wish to do with ur partner?
>> Grow old together.

17. Best features?
>> His big hands. Broad shoulders. His height. Eyes. Hair-do. Small ears.(this will be a very long list. hehe)

18. Best words he/she ever gave that made you smile?
>> I would say i like it most when he says he misses me. The rest is personal. haha

19. One thing he/she did that u cant forget?
>> He came all the way from melaka becoz my car broke down at mid valley. he's my superman!

20. Say something to him/her.
>> Sweetheart, what im gona do without you. U meant the world to me.

Tagging siapa2 yg in love and wants to share your happiness with the world :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you REALLY need to be there when ur girl is shopping for BRAs??

I'm writing this with a hope that my readers keep an open mind about what i'm about to point out. Trust me its important.

I went to Jusco Seremban with my mom this afternoon. We were browsing some clothes to buy and we came to a ligirie store. Like any other female customers there, we went from one row to another. Looking closely at colors, sizes, designs and fabric qualities.

At one point, there were an old guy with his VERY young wife browsing at some bras. They were discussing on what type of bra she should buy. It must be something really speacial going on that he cant afford to not follow his wife around the Triumph store.

Old guy: maybe u should wear sumting bright. with sponge.
Young Wife: I feel like buying it in pair, the bra n the penties

Here's the thing. If u feel that it is romantic to escort ur wife buying bras (tak kisah la if it gives u pleasure or whatever) but it disturbs other customers!! Nak beli bra utk pakcik skali ke??

Pelanggan lain jadi segan nak pilih2 sebab laki tu tgh selak2 bra utk cari saiz wife dia. WTF?
Its disturbing. SERIOUSLY.

no matter how manja u are, u have to be aware of how others feel. If the store is yours then lantak lah. I would say it was among the most uncomfortable experience i ever had.

I wish my girlfriens out there take note to this. Lagi2 bila kita ni beragama Islam dan ada adab, Malu itu iman. tolong la sensitif skit pasal pekara ni. it may seem small but it MATTERS.
N to my guy friends, kalau nak sgt ur wife pakai leopard print, cakap awal2, tak yah masuk kedai tu skali dgn ur wife, tau la dia pilih sendiri. Have pride, man.

Thats all. Have a good sleep babies.

(to pakcik makcik yg shopping bra bersama tadi, have a good night *wink*)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make Your Own Oreo Milkshake!

Picture from the net

Full cream Milk - 1 small cup

Oreo biscuits - 3 pieces

Ice cubes - three cups

Vanilla icecream - 3 scoops

Easy Steps:

Put everything in a blender. Switch it on.

Blend until it is well mixed (similar to the picture above)

Serve in glass and add whip cream on top.

There you have your very own OREO MILKSHAKE!! weee!!!

Making Love with Your Camera.

Hey semut2 sedunia!!

(up here is my picture that i took three years ago, baru jumpa dalam folder. hehe)

Looking at the date of the picture, i realised that its been awhile that i've been using my 7.2mp Nikon compact camera (not in picture, that was Pentax, i put my nikon on self-timer for this shot). Banyak dah jasa camera NIKON saya nie. It was my birthday present from my father.

During that time, it was among the most sophisticated compact cameras in market and i'm thrilled to have one. I took a lot of photos with my nikon and i cant never asked for a better camera. (until i see DSLRs on racks. Bleh sakit jantung ok.hope for getting one in near future.)

Knowing and understanding ur cameras is IMPORTANT. In other words,
LETS MAKE LOVE WITH OUR CAMERAS. not literally. pfft.

Ada kawan tanya, "mcm mane nak amik gambar cantik kalau takde DSLR". my answer would be, kita kena faham selok belok camera kita, walaupun compact camera je.

From my experience, i stick to one camera for a long time that i get to know how it can function at its best. Its like creating a bond with ur camera. I know that my camera is a total loser at night but superb during early morning, afternoon and under studio lights.
Org kata, tak kenal maka tak cinta. Bukan lah maksud saya kita kena kekal ngan satu camera je for our whole life, tapi kita kena faham camera kita even if we keep on buying new ones.

kalau kita tukar camera, bear in mind that kita bukan setakat tukar camera je, functions and productions of camera pun akan berubah especially bila tukar brand. Ade yg tak berapa bagus when it comes to low light, ada yg banyak noise, ada yg cantik gila kalau half light, ada yg terer indoor, ada yg speedy enough for sports shots. So it depends. What we have to do is to quickly learn our baby and be alert of its functions. We have to experiment a lot with our cameras. Amik gambar byk2 sampai kita puas hati.

So what I'm trying to say here is, kenali lah camera anda. It doesnt matter if u ade 7D ke D90 or 30meters of camera lenses ke. Get to know ur camera well, because every camera has its specialities, and its ur job to discover n make the best out of it.

Picture below was taken few days ago, and
YES, with the same NIKON compact my dad gave me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tak Aci Guna Photoshop??? ni respon saya.

Hai semut2 yg suka gula2

kali ni sy nak tulis dalam bahasa melayu. selama ni sy tulis rojak2.
(selamat berjaya aimi) huhu

PHOTOSHOP (kedaigambar) :D

Makin lama makin ramai kawan2 sy yang berkecimpung dalam bidang fotografi. Makin ramai yg beli DSLR (sy je yang x ada lagi. SEDIH!). Since tu, ramai yg ambil berat pasal kualiti gambar2 yg dihasilkan. Makin ramai yg rajin komen gambar2 kat facebook (mukabuku).

Ada komen2 yg membangun, ada jugak yg kutuk.
Tapi kali ni sy nak ckp pasal ade satu komen yg sy terima dari kwn pasal PHOTOSHOP.

"Kau guna photoshop, mmg lah cantik. Cuba kalau tak pakai, confirm buruk dowh"

OOOKKEEEYYYYYYYY. terima kasih kat dia sebab rajin tengok album saya dan rajin komen.
Saya nak balas kat situ tapi takut panjang berjela, so dah alang2 ada Blog ni, sy rasa elok lah sy share dgn semua pendapat ttg komen kwn sy ni.

Photoshop is a tool of photography.

Photoshop adalah alat bantuan kepada fotografi.
bagi pendapat sy, tak salah utk photographer tu gunakan photoshop utk hasilkan gambar2 dorang.. tak salah langsung. Sama mcm gunakan camera lense yg pelbagai. Ada yg utk macro lah, ada yg utk gambar lebar, ada yg utk multi-focus. Camera lense pun tool jugak utk cantik kan gambar kan? sama lah mcm photoshop.

Kalau tak, saya pun boleh la kata
"kau guna tripod, mmg lah gambar tak gegar" ataupun
"kau amik kursus fotografi, mmg lah gamba kau cantik"....... betul tak?

Bagi saya ape yg penting ialah cara seseorang photographer gunakan alat2 bantuan fotografi tu utk timbulkan seni kat dalam gambar tu. Ada jugak photographer yg pandai guna photoshop tapi gambar dia x cantik. ada jugak yg terlebih edit sampai hilang originality. Pendek kata, hasil fotografi adalah subjektif. Lain org, lain pendapat.

Sy nak amik kesempatan nie utk ucap BILLIONS OF THANK YOU kpd kawan2 sy yg tak jenuh support minat sy towards photography. I will continue improving myself towards the better.

Dan sy nak ucap good luck kat kwn2 sy yg baru nak masuk bidang fotografi ni, teruskan ngan minat ni.. ITS FREAKIN DAMN FUN!

Post versi BM ni sy dedicate to Fariz, Adam dan Bear.Sekian.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

10 tricks for improving your memory (by yahoo)

I found this useful info from Yahoo which i think is very helpful to those out there who suffer from memory illness like i do. I tend to forget things so easily. At one point it become worse that i forgot where i put my slip for my new Mykad, it has been months since the date that i should pick it up, pfft (i found it last week in my purse).

My friend (who is a full time-walking- reminder of mine, Nana) got so fed up of me asking things again and again. Sometimes she just shut her self up and let me figure out where i put my keys or my phone.

"Makan semut ke masa kecik2?", my guy said to me once (or twice). I tried to remember things especially the important ones, but it just wont stay long in my brain. So here are the things that i (or we) should start doing to improve my (or our)memory... (thanx Yahoo!)


When trying to learn something, add hand gestures. It is proven that hand gestures will help the memory to work better. Wave, shake or swift..whatever. Air-writing (imaginative writing) can also do the trick.


Learn to calm down and not to carry so much stress. (Pffft... I'm a student with bundles of assignment, how can i ever avoid stress.. anyhow, i should try)


"Sleep is critical for memory consolidation,” says Dr. Brown. “Getting at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep following exposure to new information can help in the recall of that information.”

“The trick is going directly to bed without inserting any new information or activity between what you want to recall and going to sleep—no reading, no TV, no sex, no music."

ok.... no 'everything' before bed... got it... ( i get trouble sleeping at night, will improve that)


Recent Harvard study found that people who ate more vegetables had a slower decline of brain function as they aged. (euwwwwww... green? euwwww)


Not literary, it means more reading.. engage with books more.. (euww) Not only is reading great for your brain, but discussing what you’ve read can improve your memory by leaps and bounds, says Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD.


Well basically, exercises will help you to improve blood circulation in which will benifit the work of the brains.

Jogging is good... got it... (euww)


“There are other essential oils that can help with memory, but rosemary is by far the best and most economical,” says Cher Core, an aromatherapist in Boston. (Need a new perfume, i guess)


errrr... ok.. It says that memory loss can be caused by distraction while information is being absorbed. When you are distracted, your brain does not store the information, and how the hell in the world can a brain retrieve sumting which is not there in the first place. duhh. (ok i admit, i'm easily distracted. Focus!)


By memorizing a song, “you will be working out at least two different kinds of memory, auditory and verbal, which is probably something you don't do very often,” says Cynthia Green, PhD. ( I can do this! Hell yeah!)


Take time to draw the things that crosses your mind. A free flowing drawing can help to strengthen your brain memory centers. It will also boost concentration in which will help the memory to work better.

For more reading, do visit :

Happy trying everyone!

*have i taken my pills? i think i did..*

Friday, August 27, 2010

Work or Masters?

Hello babies of the world!
Miss me? hehe

Well lets just go straight to the topic shall we..

A few months ago. i had this HUGE dillemma regarding my future. I mean the things that i want to do after getting my degree.

I've been thinking (or better to say CHOOSING) of either to persue my studies to masters level or to seek for a job. I bet many of my babies out there can relate to this post.

In the process of my desicion making, I casually ask around for opinions- my parents, family, friends, hotties, babes, darlings, sweethearts, guy at Mcd counter, a girl who kisses too many cats, and an old guy who sleeps during terawikh... :)

They have a lot to say actually, and here are some views that i hope to inspire you in your decision making. Or at least make that little pink brain of yours work a bit. Read it!


My mum's bestfriend, who's a lecturer told me that if i really want to persue my studies to Masters level, i gotta know what field that i'm good at.

By knowing your forte, it will help you in your masters research, its important to have passion in your topic. Research in Masters level is a LOT of work and its a serious shit. no goreng2 ok. So if you are not sure about your research topic, or worst, not feeling it, then you may face some problems during your masters.

She adviced me to have a job first, as to gain experiences. Through that experiences, you will then discover your forte.

For example, I'm now doing professional communication and minor in business studies. I might find communication and business interesting only because that i'm exposed to only those areas. If i straight away persue my masters, i might be doing something on business and communication. BUT if i go for a job first, i might find Visual design more interesting and wish to persue in that area. Who knows, i will perform my ass out in that field.

Moral: Explore and expose yourself to various fields during work!


Lets make it simple. My brother and I are two different people with different interests. I'm more to making contacts, doing presentation, talks, persuasive speeches, etc. While my brother loves science projects and chemical stuffs. He talks about science like a girl talks about shopping. (love you brother!).

My point is, my lane is more towards HR, dealing with people, something that theories cant offer much. My lane needs experiences, practical training and pretty much street smart. If dealing with humans is what i wish to do for life, then taking a job after degree is no harm. I will survive without textbooks.

But in my brother's case, he needs theories, he needs references, textbooks, and professors. He cant gained biotech theories by sitting around in the coffee shops, can he?Unlike me, i can still gain experiences and upgrade my skills in communication tru my borak2 kosong at kedai kopi.

If you wish to persue in education lane, you should proceed with masters. the more title you have, the more people will demand for your service. Like Dr., Prof, Ass Prof, etc.

I hope these will help you in making decision.
I have made mine, now its your turn. Choose wisely and always THINK AHEAD!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A secret to increase blog traffic!

I have this amazing lecturer who's teaching me Information System, n he knows a lot of stuff that normal people dont..
*thats a bit dramatic hehe*
One of the things that he told my class is how to get your blog popular.
Add more links to your blogs!
For example:
I ate at Mcd yesterday ( Oh boy the food was sooo good. And i saw this one guy who looks like the guy in X-men wolverine origin (, Hugh Jackman ( Oh, boy, he has the look that could kill. LoL. I heard that he did the commercial for Lipton too. (
Silly example, hope its easy enuff to be understood. Hehe.
Until next time babies. taa taa

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What your eating habits can do to your Feet?

Hey there. Salam Ramadhan to everyone.
I know i've been AWAY for quite some time now but just this morning as i was sitting on the sofa (after washing my kittens' cage) ideas just strucked me and i jumped out and start writing.

I wish to share this experience of mine on weight and shoes and how they are related to each other.

Have u ever go for shopping and suddenly realize that u cant fit in your usual shoe size?
Or have you ever wonder why your shoes look rotten so quickly even if its Adidas or Bonia?
Guess why...
well let me just blew it off for you. Its the W word... WEIGHT!
I feel like I'm the right person to talk about weight. It's obviously because I HAVE WEIGHT. or also known as NOT SKINNY, CURVY, CHUBBY, what ever u want to call it. I prefer not to say the F word (F_T) because its...... demotivating. :)
So Lets go to the topic.
As simple as this. When you gain weight, it puts pressure on your feet and your feet sort of expands as to support your body.
when it is expanded, it becomes bigger (duhh expand-bigger..pfft)
So when this happens, your shoe size also expands (duhh again)
When you are F_tter and heavier and have bigger feet, please pick the appropriate shoe size and dont ever squeeze in your old size (especially for heels).
If you do,
1. it will destroy your shoes (earlier)
2. Hurt your poor feet
3. Disturbs your work as u cant walk or stand properly
4. Get tired really quickly
5. spine injury because of the muscle pressure (worst case)
Well there are other issues regarding shoe size, it would not be the weight if u are genetically blessed with large feet. But still, watch the weight ok.
The reason i post this now is bcause its Ramadhan, a perfect time to start a healthy diet. Eat more vegies and drink a lot of water.
(Total euwth..I'm still struggling. hehe)
See you la'er peeps!

Friday, March 5, 2010

9 baby steps for better Black & White Photos (Photoshop CS3)

Some friends have been asking me on the simplest way to get better Black & White pictures.
As a start, i did these baby steps and I'm sure every babies out there can perform this.. hehe
so good luck trying..especially to my friends that are struggling hard for Dr. O's 50 picture project. =)
1. Select a picture that you want to convert to black and white
it can be from your own files or anything from the web

2. Converting to Black and White:
Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Black & White

3. This little box will appear, it tells you that you have created a new layer. Just click OK

4. Your picture will automatically transformed to Black and White. Click OK button to confirm transformation.

Are you ok so far? i bet you are doing fine. Let's move on babies...

5. Enhancing the black color to create better effect:

Layer > Adjustment Layer > Selective Color

6. This little box will appear again to confirm your New Layer. Click OK.

7. This box will appear next, as shown above, scroll down at the color selection section and click to choose 'Blacks'

8. After choosing 'Blacks', you will see some scroll buttons like what is shown above. Focus on scroll button named 'Black', then add up the percentage by dragging the scroll to the right. Look at your picture as the black color go deeper, once you are satisfied with the effect, click OK.
9. Save your work as JPEG. Make sure the file is saved under JPEG image option of 10. Then click OK.. again...
Tadaaa!!! congratulation, you have made it!!
Do explore more on CS3 effects, you will be surprise how it work its magic.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

6 things that made you single.

Yellowpp people!!

This morning i woke up thinking about my friends and relatives who always discuss about not getting to meet the ONE. Yup, i am going to write something on LoVe baby, LOVE.....

What could be the issue of not getting the right one yet?

one, The older you get, the longer list of criteria u will have for your partner.. Expectations will get higher and higher due to self development.
two, Think maturely people, relationship is not a try and error game. The level of maturity is very vital because this will reflect on how you handle a relationship.
three, maturity is developed by knowledge and experiences. One may have more experience and knowledge as compared to his or her partner and this will trigger the feeling of "why cant he think more like me? he should handle problems like i do".. Look, you may have the brain of Mr. Einstein, but you need this some one to lean on when u are emotionally down or whatever. So tone down a bit. Be flexible.

You just do not know what you want just yet. Take time to get to know yourself before accepting that some one in your life.

You are too scared of rejection. This happens to guys all the time. (based on my guy friends). they always say "what if she says no? malu dowhhh".. Then i will reply "u betul2 nak ke x nak nie? if you want her, then fight for every chance that you can get".
If she still says no, it means she's just not into you-MOVE ON DUDE!

This one is huge. Very deep issue. Some relationship are driven by LUST or the interest of just having a someone that you can call Hunny Bunny Sugar Plum. There are more than just that. You may know that you are not ready to have a relationship when you prefer lovey dovey talk rather than serious ones with your partner. You are only interested towards the romantic side of the relationship. When it comes to argument or future plans, you chicken out, or get paranoid. The expressions like "It is not like before", "Why cant he treat me like a princess like he used to" will visit. In a relationship, there will always be hiccups along the way. Communicate with your partner and be open. If you are not up for solving a "why-cant-you text-me-when-i-need-you" problem, then dont dream of getting a long term relationship.

Let me make it simple. If you are Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson, you can dream of getting someone who looks like Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds. Aiming high is no harm but lets keep it real, shall we. "Sekufu" in Islam means similarity. This do not just apply for physical, but also to status, education, family background, financial status, etc.

Personally, I was once a strict person who cant tolerate with the things that dont go my way. It affects my way of choosing my special someone. I was too rigid. After years and years of being what i was, I managed to come to my senses and view things differently. I realise that things cant always go my way, and I cant survive this world alone or expect other people to go by my rules. What i did was, increase toleration and accept the flaws of others (keeping in mind, we are all flawed in many ways)

I wish for every happiness for all my friends and family.
Jgn pressure sgt dalam hal nie ok.. insyAllah, one day your ONE will come..
as for me,
I thank God for him.. he meant the world to me.... =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sodomy, Sex and Gay- happy new year everyone.

Its been a really long time since i last wrote sumting here..
referring to the topic.
I've been reading the papers and realised that Malaysia is facing some serious issues of Moral values these days.
Firstly the sodomy case.
Back in the years, children dont know what 'sodomy' is, but now, they do.
Instead of just teaching the children on how to do well in studies and other life skills, teachers and parents are now facing bigger problems of educating these children on more serious matters such as sex- condoms, STD, etc.
by learning more than they should at such an early age could cause problems.
Curiosity towards the matter could result something bad among the younger generations.
Slight of chance that these early education function as warning that could protect these kids from performing unsafe sex.
I'm not gona discuss any further on this matter (sodomy cases in Malaysia),
lets live it to justice (if there's any, pfft..)
I watched MHI this morning and there was this talk on unwanted babies whom were born out of wedlock. These babies are mostly thrown away by the irresponsible parents and only a small percantage of these babies survived.
In some cases, the babies are brutally murdered.
there is a lot of effort done to overcome this issue but i dunno how far it is working bcoz it seems like the case is getting more serious everyday.
(referring to Muslims)
I have friends who admit that they are gay.
They are proud to be what they are without considering the fact that they are against
human nature and against the Almighty,
If asked, some would respond "I dont ask for this ya know, it just happen"
everybody has choice in life and obviously they are not making good decisions for themselves.
We should be more sensitive towards this matter and shouldnt look at it as current trend!
These are SOME of the moral issues we have, not yet to say on bribery, parents neglection, child abuse, prostitution...blah blah blah..
Malaysia is an Islamic country.
we shouldnt have cases like this here.
even if we have, it should be less than what we are facing now.
Ofcourse we will feel better if we compare ourselves with the US citizens, duhh.
What we could do (in small part of addressing the issues), give advice to our close friends and family. If we are involved in any of the issues above, seek help. Please. Before its too late.
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