Friday, December 3, 2010

Bling for Ring

Helloop! Happy Saturday to my semut2 kesayangan!

Today i feel like talking about marriage.
A lot of people at my age have common concern on these things:

a) Studies
b) Career
c) Boyfriend (s) or Girlfriend (s)
d) Image building
e) Marriage

The list is not based on priorities because different people have different priorities.
For this post, i'm going to put focus on MARRIAGE.

When i ask people about their marriage plans, money is always the issue.
Let us see what the CASH is really for.

At the filrting stage, money is needed for these things:
Eating out, movies, car gas, presents, SMSs, Calls (especially when having a fight. hehe). They are not free you know.

Pre- Marriage.
The engagement ring, the dulang hantaran, and also some preparation for after marriage like a car and house. My guy has a huge concern on this area.
He said "We must put effort on money savings before getting married, not just for the majlis, but also for the crucial things we need after we are married. i obviously want you to have a good life and not to regret marrying me. Marriage is damn important, its not just about akad nikah. Important things actually come after Majlis kahwin".

Any how the burden shouldnt be only on guys just bcoz they are the hubbies. Common girls, help your man!

Kenduri Kahwin.
I dont blame anyone for having wild imaginations and fantasies for their wedding ceremony. Ofcourse we want the best for our important day but what we actually need to consider is the money in our pockets. Bank loans for one-day wedding? You gotta be kidding me. Belum apa2 dah ada hutang.

Be humble people. We dont need extra grand wedding just to impress the guests or our in-laws. Just imagine, after spending one whole lot of money for the Majlis, later at night, both of you in bed, instead of having fun, you are thinking of the ways to pay the debts. My guy once said "Dont be too busy decorating the door and forget the interior of the house". Deep :)

I didnt realize that babies can take up so much money. I dont have babies around me, not even among my cousins. So basically i dont have a clue about newborns and its need for cash. One day while having dinner, my dearest talked about this and it really opens up my eyes.

He said "When you are pregnant, there will be some spending on good food, for the baby's growth. And also money for check ups. Later when you are giving birth, there will be spending on hospitalization. Takkan you x nak hospital yg selesa kan?. After giving birth, you'll need money for post check ups, and ofcoz some good food for your baby. Good milk costs a lot these days. Pampers dia lagi. Dont get me started with education..."

In conclusion, we have to think ahead. Falling and being in love is a beautiful thing. Its fun and exciting. But most people tend to forget about the less fun side of love, which is RESPONSIBILITY.
Start saving money for a better future for your family. (mcm iklan bank pulak hehe)

To Mr. boyfie:
Thank you so much for all the serious talk we had, I'm a better person bcoz of u.


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