Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 7- Someone that has the biggest impact on me

Hey buggies!!

Today's challenge is for me to post a picture of someone that has the biggest impact on my life. Well I have a list of people to be pointed out but as I went through it, I decided to choose Ustaz Hamdi. I don't have his picture with me but I found this on Facebook, credit to the photographer (whoever u are, akak pinjam yea, halal kan yea)

This is him :)

Like others, I have a dark past in which I see as a blessing because it turns me into what I am today. When I was 13, I involved with many wrong doings. I made mistakes. It got really bad that I almost got kicked out from school. Long story short, my parents came to a point where they made drastic decision to move me to another school. I was forced to stay in a hostel. No one accepted my differences when I first joined in. I begged my father to go back to the old school but he ignored every word.

I hate my parents for moving me away from my old friends. Not a day went by that I didn't hate them for that. I had a hard time making new friends. Some are welcoming but some looked at me as an alien. I think they knew why I was there - the girl who made mistakes and sent off to be 'repaired'. That new school that i was sent to are more religious. They solat on time and did jemaah, all wearing tudung too. I admit that I left Sajadah for quite sometime so basically I was kinda lost.

One fine day, a new teacher came to join the school and he is known as Ustaz Hamdi. He offered me a shoulder to cry on. For the first time, I decided to open up about the troubles I had- with solat, relationship with my parents, friends..etc.

My friends- Zahidah and Alifah was very supportive with my decision to allow Ustaz Hamdi to fix me. That is exactly what happened. He fixed me :)

For the next three years, he did just that. I believe, in some reasons, he's sent by Allah to help me find my path and Alhamdulilah, syukur pada Allah, dengan izin Nya, I'm a better person.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way. I'm nothing without u guys.
Haven't seen him since SPM though, I really hope he's doing fine with everything.
terima kasih Ustaz Hamdi:)

There you go, an emotional post. hehe

Day 7- DONE!!!

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