Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is 28 too late?

Strawberry Pie in Cameron Highland. Miss the trip..Lots..

Age number for marriage
i have it planned.
(God willing)

i guess i have a few things that i wanna achieve before the ring comes in.
Some goals are already achieved, but there are still a few more.

I dont want to go into detail about it but i just need a few views from friends.
About the age. is it too old for me to get married at my age of 28?

Everybody else is bugging me about the plans i have made about my life.
"Lambat sangat tu, x elok lambat2 kahwin"

i'm gonna put my all into my career. no matter what it is.
and i wish to travel, a lot.

Getting married is not just a matter of stucking yourself with someone.
It's about a HUGE commitment.

I guess it is a bit early to talk about marriage, but i it's not a crime to plan ahead, right?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Living Next Door to KLCC is Not a Crime

Little Jojo in Jonet

Birds in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan

i found a lesson during a trip.

Some people in kampung do not have a huge aims in life. Goals
in their career
in their financial status
in their property (only fight for Harta Pusaka left by their late parents)
in their kids' education
in their social network
... For them, as long as they have food on the table (no matter what it is), they are doing fine..

My dad was one of them before.
one of those people who took their time without much thinking.
But he made his choice. he worked hard and manage not to be one of the 50 year old men strolling with their motorbikes and stop from one house to another for free coffee.

A city men asked
"Are u planning to buy a car? i mean, it's easier for u and your seven kids to move around"
The usual answer is heard from the village guy
"It's easy for you to say, you live in town"

He should see what a pile of shit this city men has to go through before he owns what he owned.
Opportunities does not fall on your lap just like that.
No man climb the ladder of success with their hands in their pocket.

Living next door to KLCC does not give you any good if you are not willing to change the ATTITUDE!

Luxury is never easy.
there will be bumps all the way.

If lifting your ugly buttocks for serious Jobs is too much of a work
and mouthing big plans at the coffee shops is your Forte,
then, go ahead.
you will never give a brighter future for yourself and the rest of your clans.
God willing.

Despite all that,
no city man can beat the hospitality that a villager can offer.
they are handy in many ways.
Glad to have this people in this modern years,
they remind us of our roots and to be thankful to Allah, for the comfort he has given us.

NO offense, this applied to a very small group of people.

Greatness from Him, flaws from me.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Moving to Nilai

Unloading the thousands

Showing feet ^.^

Ibrahim and Safiee regions is in the House! (webcamming)

My Kupai and i (Posing, as always) <3

I've been very2 busy lately..
moving into a new house in Nilai
but we are still keeping our house in Bkt Antarabangsa..

I note that i did not update my blog for a very2 long time..
Awfully sorry to dearest readers..
i'm fully occupied with family commitments and also to some other things..

What i did for the last couple of weeks was:
~buying beds & furniture
~Entertaining a few Family demands
~Went out for Bank stuffs
~Photo shooting
~Commuting to Nilai, a lot!
~Drilling walls (hell yeah i did!)
~Putting on curtains
~Enjoying my new Sultan Mattress
~Planning on to kidnap my next door neighbor's cat
~Walking up d stairs
(which i hardly do since i'm living in d 12th floor for the past 5 years)
~Getting use to Mosquito bites
~Sweeping off dead leaves (Hate it! big time! i love my 12th floor)
~Hanging out with my Kupai. (merasmikan katil baru haha!)
~Eventho the house is not ready yet, but my thoughtful Cousin (NANOT!) from Melaka came to visit, appreciate it every bit.
~eating a lot of ice cream!!

It takes a lot for a house to become a home.
and i belief that i have found a home, here in Nilai. =D

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