Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 17- Someone I would want to switch lives with for a day


I'm pretty excited with today's challenge. hehe.
I'm assigned to write on "someone I would want to switch lives with for a day and why"
Been thinking of a person who's living a life far greater than anyone I know so that it's worth the switching. and I chose........................
sorry, I just feel that this is ridiculous.
Ok I should stop laughing now. Presenting~

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton!!

Yes, I would love to switch lives with her for a day. Wehooo!
She's just lovely. Gorgeously stunning.

Married to a prince, plus.
Hmm, I wish he has more hair, but yeah... Prince kot. Botak pun comel. haha

She's beautiful in everything. Any girl would want to have that smile (and that ring too!).

She's a trendsetter. A princess with style. Her figure is to die for.

Private jet, here and there, with half-bald-still-cute-looking hubby. I do want to feel that even for a day (the jet i mean). tehee.

Awwww....... She gets to wear everything to everywhere with everyone!! If I switched lives with her, I'll make sure William wears a hat, all the time. Sigh.. Silau.

Strolling around Buckingham Palace with a bald Prince. Eh, I mean with a charming Prince.

There's me in the middle, next to William. And there's my parents, and my sister. On William's side is my brother in law, Harry. And the Yellow one is the Queen, I call her Tok Wan.
Cewahh! haha.

That's it folks, Kate is the best choice on my list to switch lives with... even for a day.
Duchess Aimi Ibrahim signing off to reality :)

Day 17- Doneeeee!!!


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tinggi kan my cita2? hahahaha

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