Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt me recently

Hey there boogies!

Sorry for the delay. Here I am doing two posts in one shot...again :(

Anyway, shall we start?
Today's challenge is for me to write a letter to someone who has hurt me recently. When I read the title, I went "Damn it!". Sigh.....Challenge is a challenge... let's do this.

Dear someone,

It wounded me so deeply to hear what you said the other day. I wish that you didn't say it cause those words left me with a great scar. I might seem like I've forgotten it, but in fact I can still hear those words in my ears.

I know that I'm flawed in many ways, sometimes I realize it, but to be frank, most of the time I don't. Thank you for making me a stronger person each time you curse me with your judgement. I may appear to be a person with a heart of stone but hey, I'm a girl with feelings. I feel your words, to my bones.

I promise myself to control my temper. Especially towards you. I wish I'm everything you want me to be, but God decides otherwise. Deal with it. All I need is some respect, see it as an exchange to what I have to put up with.

I forgive you, I do, I always have.

No further conversations needed. Thank you.



Day 13- done done done!

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