Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 9- Something that I am Proud of

Psst psst.... Hello there!

Today's challenge is for me to write on something that I'm proud of.
Ready set go!

1. Proud of my survival in UiTM

Finally, after 4 years (including TESL), I've come to the end. It was one hell of a journey. Without my awesome lecturers and beloved friends, I wont get to be where I am today.
With that, alhamdulilah... selesai sudah satu bala. hehe

2. Proud of my industrial training with Mypartners Communications Sdn Bhd

Surviving a forever-hectic company like MC is totally one of my highlights in life. And I was offered to join the team too. That's a real medal, professionally speaking. Ouh yuh, I managed to secure some media for clients' PR initiatives- one of it was Astro Awani. I'm awesome! (too proud eyh? haha)

3. Proud of sustaining my relationship with you-know-who

Many said that I wont stay long in a relationship (God knows why they said that) but with this one, I'm staying for good (Insyallah). Ofcoz there are bumps in our love life, added with being apart. But the best thing is, we survive it all.. without shouting or cursing. Rite dear? :)
Bear with me sweetheart.

4. Proud of my brother

Aidil is... hm... my everything really. This is one of the person that I can never hurt or see him get hurt. How I wish I can give him only the best things in life but Allah gets to decide on that one kan. He's off to California soon. There's just the two of us and surely I'll be half dead when he's gone. He's very smart, pious, naive, warm person. He's an excellent cook too! untung isteri dia. he he he

Day 9- Doneeeeee!

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