Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 5- Somewhere that I've been to


Today is the fifth day of my 30-day blog challenge.
This time, I need to post a picture of a place that I've been to.
So I chose this picture:

In the picture: from left- Me, Abah, Aidil and Mr. Camel.

I went for Umrah during that time and I got the chance to visit a camel farm. The desert was super duper hot and the wind was very strong but it was worth it.

The camels were friendly and they let us pet them. hehe. However, I didnt drink their milk, urghhh.. they are cute but... milk? urghhhh... Salute to those who tried and survived the milk. I heard it tastes urghhh...
I miss Mekah so much. Kalau ada rezki dan umur, Insyallah nak pergi lagi.

Day 5- Done!!!

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