Friday, January 30, 2009

turning into a real's tough!!!

cup cakes!! i made these lil devils..beliv it or not..hehe

i'm known for my complaints, arguments, temper, and strictness

but what sum people dont know is that i have a very soft spot in me..

haha.. funny saying this out loud but i guess 2009 brings a different colour in my life..

i'm much more open in learning how to cook, how to pilih sayur (which i'm very very bad at), how to do pasar shopping (i hate it, but what d hell) and how to deal with sum of the house chores.. basically, i'm learning on how to be a women..haha..

my mother loves to have me in d kitchen (sumthing that i dont usually do) but she said, she will love me more if i dont ask to many questions..hehe.. but hey, i'm learning here..

i dunno for wat reason that i suddenly feel like i have to change, but being 20 (this october), and not knowing how to handel a fried fish is embarassing... i'm imagining me n my future mak mertua in d kitchen..

mak mertua: aimi, tolong mak siang ikan sat..

aimi: emmm... tak reti la mak..

mak mertua: xpe la aimi, aimi tolong mak tumbuk serai ye..

aimi: emmmm... serai yg mane satu mak? nak tumbuk camne?

mak mertua: (dah buat muka) aimi tolong yg senang2 je lah.. pegi sapu kunyit kat ikan tu, mak nak goreng..

aimi: nak sapu camne mak? kena ade air x?

mak mertua: (dah mula rase menyesal anak die kawen ngan aku) mcm ni la aimi, aimi duduk je.. biar mak buat semua..

x ke sedih if its really happening... malu owwh.. well, i'm not that bad, i noe how to cook its just that i want to do more than just ikan goreng..hehe..

so thats why i decided to blaja sikit2.. F.Y.I, i made dinner for my family this whole week.. and dorang tak sakit perot.. yay!

i can see that i'm a workoholic one day but i have to know things in the kitchen as well..

its not just about getting a nice husband, nice car, nice house, and nice job... its more on how u run those things.. and i guess by getting more involve in the kitchen, the smelly pasar and chaotic kenduri my help us to perform better as a women..

i'm a bit merapu, but dat is how i feel lately.. i want to learn things and be a better person..a useful one.. and i think i want to check-in a SELFISH rehab, so that i would put more consideration about the people's needs and not just mine...

tadaaaa~~ end

Thursday, January 29, 2009

6 things you would want to save from a fire~

Imagine that you forget to turn off the stove
and the fire starts to spread out through ur house..
name the first 6 things (objects) you would grab along with you..
1. my Nikon
2. my Sony Ericsson
2. my laptop
3. my wallet
4. my car keys
5. my clear folder of my documents
6. a photo album perhaps
tagging buddies~ FatenG, cooZy, jaJa, naNoT, noBby

Monday, January 26, 2009


A beautiful triP to Jonker Street

si Tam-tEh looking at the 3 AbduLs in Kain Pelikat..
love this shot!

a Nyte out with my cousins!!
we went back at 2 sumting..

balek melaka sgt2...
i went to
kampong jawa~for sum cendols
the nite zo0~Sgt seronok tgk rimau n monyets dlm gelap
the jonKer street~dapat tgk tanglong2 yg sgt chumeL
dinner at a beautiful bistro~Nice place, delicious food, affordable price
Pasar~aimi ibrahim pilih ikan kowt!! smelly, wet, and disgusting.. but educational..he3
a small stall in Klebang~had a coconut shake with ice cream, sllrrrppp!
i did
CarD games~with my dad, my uncle, n my cousins (7 diamonds rawk!)
spent time with Tam-Teh~an adorable cat who is now bunting..wic male is it dis time??
snap sum interesting pictures~loving melaka 4 dat..
Gossip2 wit my cousin~i do dat all the tyme..
Bought a new cincin~everybody else thinks it is too big..i loike it anyway..
beta btul2 tak berkenan ngan ejaan MELACCA..
bukan ke tu name khas, ape la kite terhegeh2 nak ikut org putih tu..
bukan takat org bandar je eja mcm tu, org kampung kat sane sndiri eja MELACCA.. aiyo0..
if Hang Tuah were to be alive, sure die nangis guling2 tgk prangai org melayu skank..
senang sgt trpengaruh ngan org luar..
kan ni negara kite, suke hati kite la nak eja camne pun..
yg depa nak tukaq2 nama apa pasai??
den dobik kepalo sorang2 kang..
den suko namo melako, x usah kaw mandai2 tuka..
ikut yo zaman rajo2 kito dulu, apo lak ikut ong putih..
org malaysia sndiri pun kono soda asa usul..
ni yo yang tingga kat kito, bolo la elok2..
kalo namo nogori pon nak ikut kato org luar, ntah la apo nak jadi..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Optical Illusions~~have to see thiz!!

hey semut kuning!!...
creative people are bringing arts to the streets...
i found this in a website and i find it very very very creative...
they painted pictures all over the street, and the best part of it is that it have amazing 3D effect..kagum2...

i'll add on more optical illusions next time....
wee... bubbye


Thursday, January 15, 2009

seEing iT in a Boy's eyeS

NikoN's shOt~
cousin: MuhD iQbaL abD RahmaN
(he luffs it when i call his fulL name..aiyo0)

i met a few interesting guys this recent months..
and i can say that it is not easy to find prince charming these days..

well sum mite ask why do i prefer older guys..

to tell u d truth, age does not matter to me, what i concern most is the maturity of a guy..

it dosen't matter if he is at my age, as long as he got the quality to be stable in life..

to have vissions n missions..

to give me advice, to giv me guidance, to be able to stand up for his beliefs, to have views in politics & economy, to be able to say no to the lioness...

it's not to0 much to ask is it?

well, that is sum of my wish list for my prince charming.. why dont we take a peek on what a guy wants in a girl and their expectations in relationships.. this is a general info, it mite not fit everyone..

my mini research told me that, GUYS NEED SPACE TO BE JUST GUYS...

u know when sum of them are prtty much attached to freinds, especially the ones who fancy football, rugby, badminton or tennis...they really need sum time off boyfriend duties and just hang out and have fun with their guy is normal..

we girls usually love attention and get a lil upset when messages are not replied and calls are not answered..

these demanding syndrome among girls (if not controlled) could lead to break ups..

so what Dr Aimi Ibrahim suggests is to give our men a break, give 'em sum space to be just guys.. beliv me when i say,

they carry us in their hearts even if they do not reply our "where are u?" messages... they still love us even if they are ignoring our calls while standing up on a chair screaming GOAL!!

Lets be clear on one thing, when u decide to be with each other, i mean when u declared that u r a couple.. u r at the same time declaring that u want to love each other, u r promising to understand each other, to giv n take... so do that...

u can say "eleh, how would u noe aimi, u r not in any relationship"..

well, yes i'm no attached.. but i have a lot of guy friends who give me views on what thay want in a relationship.. n most of them said "SPACE, i NEED SPACE TO BE JUST ME"..

so i guess it is wise for me to share that with my girlfriends who care so much to make their relationship works...

like wan yu said to me once "kite kalu nak ikat ni kite kena pikir panjang, bukan takat nak sronok2.. kite declare ni makne nye we are taking a huge step.. bkn just nak show off n proudly tell everyone yg kite ni taken... sbb kalu dah sayang tu mie, parah oh..kalu dah sayang tu, celaka macam mane pun sure nak balik kat u kena pikir betul2 sbelum decide.. ni bukan main2.. bukan puppy love, kite dah besar.. x de benda yg main2 dah skang ni"

thanx wan yu...! u r such an inspiration... i appreciate your every word...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

animaL aBuse.sad and frustrating.

disapointing truth about
how human beings are treating the animals..
not to forget, we r the ones with brains and
we should start acting like we have one..

this is a kitten...
the next pictures will shock you on how this cute friend ws treated...

a group of students put fuel on this kitten
and set it on fire...for fun...

the kitten fites for its life...

we can see its paws spread out showing how much pain it felt...

the kitten started to roll around the floor in pain...

her movements beginning to slow down...
she is still alive at this time...

knowing that she is still alive,
the students add up fuel to d flame...
she stopped moving minutes later..

terrible isn't it?
well, i got enuff reasons to volunteer myself in SPCA..
that is the littlest thing that i can do..
but most malays wouldn't want to support the shelter bcoz it is held by chinese..
but for me, it is not a time for us to be selfish,
this is not about supporting the opponent's business,
this is about helping out these mis-treated animals..
volunteering is d least dat we can do in showing our support in preventing animal abuse..
if u r interested in showing ur love n care towards our furry fwens, do visit SPCA in ampang...

ur little concern may change their fates

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CameRon Highland & faMily LufF melayu panggil stoberi..
~nikoN's sHot

i went to cameron highland with my cousins last weekend..
and i can say it is a verrrryyyy joyful trip..

i realise dat family bonding means
a lot more than just anyam ketupat bersama-sama di pagi raya...

it is an undevided love
towards people dat we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for..
it is deep, sincere and sumtimes ~complicated..

me n those bambling baboons
went up there for just a couple of days
but we had soo much fun..
now that we are grown ups,
our experiences and views are getting larger
and when that happens, we cant stop talking..
there is just to0 much to share..

i love everything about my family..
i would never want to replace it with anything else..

my abah has done a realy good job in raisinig me, to be a beautiful semuT..
n to support me financially,
wic help alot in making me beautiful-ER..hak3

my umi has always been a shoulder for me to cry on,
she is my super duper spirit booster..

n my adik....what can i say more...
he is my bestfriend, my soulmate, my boyfriend,
he is my inai to my nails..
my ink to my pen,
n my wallpaper to my dekstop...

altho he is a bit mak nenek upon my shopholic attitude,
but he is truly my everything...

mase kecik2 dulu die tak faham
why am i being so overprotective of him,
sampai patung pokemon die kena curik pon i serang kawan dia si pencurik tu..
huhu.. u should c how d lioness baham dat pencurik...

as he gets wiser,
he starts to understand the fact that
die lah satu2 nye adik i yang berada di bawah tanggungjawab i...

jika terjadi apa2 terhadapnya...
i can never forgive myself....

i swear on everyone i love~
i'll protect him till d day i die..
x kire la die da kawin ke, ape ke...
he will always be
~adik singa betina....

hugs n loads of kisses to all..
nitey nite over grown babies...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mari Tengok IkaN beramai-ramai!!!


nikon's shot of a chubby fish..
*faten said this fish reminds her of me..toinG!*
me n n my fellow housemates went out to seksyen 7 to buy sum bo0ks..
after that, we singgah at d red headed clown's drive tru for ice cream..
knowing dat it is difficult and dangerous to eat while driving,
we decided to lepak at tasik shalam...
after puas tgk d pemandangan of d tasek n turtles, n pasangan2 kekasih berpegangan tangan (adui yai!),
we went to a place called "aquarium"..
at first i tot we have to pay for tickets to go in,
but no, its free...WEEE!!
so we went in n took sum photos..
gelak here, gelak there...
puas dah cium ikan...kih3..

sinot, temot n kak itot

a fish in a tank!! tomey tangat!!

red head!!

By the way,
i told u about my view from my window kan?
lo0k at diz....!!

how can i not love this view...
wat more can i say about d sexiness of abg botak playing soccer..
i love diz room!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

heLLo 20o9

nikon's shot~ latest pic on land slide in bkt antarabangsa...

well em, i should start with salam..
assalamualaikum semua!!

ended with not so gud looking..
first d land slide and the other was abang..
after 5 months having a brother
i felt that i had enuff..
i guess we r not..urm..stable, if i may say..
emotionally we were not stable..
he tested me in so many ways n i dono 4 wat reason..
he tested me on my patient, loyalty, n trust..

until one day,
he pulled d wrong trigger wic made me said
"i had enuff of this"
n like i always do, i stopped texting him,
i stopped answering his calls.
its pretty drastic..but i felt challenged..
i'm not interested in being challenged..
in sum way yes, but he's doing it in a very wrong way...
i was so angry..and upset..

what ever it is, he's a past...

urm, yesterday, sufi's father died of cancer..
i felt so sad that i cried my eyes out..
i feel really close to him this past few months..
he always updated me with his dad's condition..
it felt like i'm part of his family owready..
it's so sad..
i cant imagine if it happened to me..

about my house..
we are still doing house hunting..
we found one wic we really like..
but its in nilai..
agak jauh jgak la..

my new room in puncak is reaallllyyyyy comel!
its spacious..n got d best view ever!!
i can see d guys play street soccer from my window..
wee!! huhu..

i went back to melaka,
beautiful shots was taken..
visit my photos in myspace & friendster..

write to u later..
nak makan pisang goreng jap..
nak? huhu..
bubbye semut2 sekalian!
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