Thursday, January 15, 2009

seEing iT in a Boy's eyeS

NikoN's shOt~
cousin: MuhD iQbaL abD RahmaN
(he luffs it when i call his fulL name..aiyo0)

i met a few interesting guys this recent months..
and i can say that it is not easy to find prince charming these days..

well sum mite ask why do i prefer older guys..

to tell u d truth, age does not matter to me, what i concern most is the maturity of a guy..

it dosen't matter if he is at my age, as long as he got the quality to be stable in life..

to have vissions n missions..

to give me advice, to giv me guidance, to be able to stand up for his beliefs, to have views in politics & economy, to be able to say no to the lioness...

it's not to0 much to ask is it?

well, that is sum of my wish list for my prince charming.. why dont we take a peek on what a guy wants in a girl and their expectations in relationships.. this is a general info, it mite not fit everyone..

my mini research told me that, GUYS NEED SPACE TO BE JUST GUYS...

u know when sum of them are prtty much attached to freinds, especially the ones who fancy football, rugby, badminton or tennis...they really need sum time off boyfriend duties and just hang out and have fun with their guy is normal..

we girls usually love attention and get a lil upset when messages are not replied and calls are not answered..

these demanding syndrome among girls (if not controlled) could lead to break ups..

so what Dr Aimi Ibrahim suggests is to give our men a break, give 'em sum space to be just guys.. beliv me when i say,

they carry us in their hearts even if they do not reply our "where are u?" messages... they still love us even if they are ignoring our calls while standing up on a chair screaming GOAL!!

Lets be clear on one thing, when u decide to be with each other, i mean when u declared that u r a couple.. u r at the same time declaring that u want to love each other, u r promising to understand each other, to giv n take... so do that...

u can say "eleh, how would u noe aimi, u r not in any relationship"..

well, yes i'm no attached.. but i have a lot of guy friends who give me views on what thay want in a relationship.. n most of them said "SPACE, i NEED SPACE TO BE JUST ME"..

so i guess it is wise for me to share that with my girlfriends who care so much to make their relationship works...

like wan yu said to me once "kite kalu nak ikat ni kite kena pikir panjang, bukan takat nak sronok2.. kite declare ni makne nye we are taking a huge step.. bkn just nak show off n proudly tell everyone yg kite ni taken... sbb kalu dah sayang tu mie, parah oh..kalu dah sayang tu, celaka macam mane pun sure nak balik kat u kena pikir betul2 sbelum decide.. ni bukan main2.. bukan puppy love, kite dah besar.. x de benda yg main2 dah skang ni"

thanx wan yu...! u r such an inspiration... i appreciate your every word...


noidentity said...


wanyu is a love philosopher. =D

kubieys said...

couldn't agree more..sangat bersetuju..hmmm..

wan yu memang jiwang tak kene tempat..tapi..segala kata2 beliaw adalah amt benar....salute laa bro.

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