Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 6- Favorite Superheroes and Why

Good Morningg!

Yeah, I'm posting early today cause I have tonnes of things to do later.
Today's challenge is for me to talk on my favourite superheroes and why I like them.
I've chosen two out of many, tadaaa~

1. Mystique

She's from X-men (not exactly the good-guy, but yeah). I chose her because she can change into ANY human forms- from men to children and she can even imitate their voices! Awesome. Besides, she has a gorgeous body and flexible too. She's just amazing.

2. Iron man

Awwwww........ Look at him. What's there not to love about Iron man!
Other than his extreme good looks, I like this character because he's a genius and freaking rich. He's inventive, and super creative. A quick thinker too. Most of all, I love he's coolness. Even if he's in a deep shit, he doesn't panic, he put on his poker face and gets his brain to work his way out. Total sexiness!

There u go. My two favourites.
Dont get me started with Thor.....Captain America.... Green Latern guy.... Human Torch... *wink!*

Day 6- D O N E!!

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