Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cash and Complains

Hello there.

Second week has ended.
Boy, i must say, my pocket is really2 empty.
Like Nana said 'Kopak dowh'!

But not to complain about the fun i had, staying outside campus,
despite the expenses ofcourse.

Love the house, very friendly housemates.
at least we are learning how to manage our money expenses and also to handle our very own payments.
Huge Experience. But very challenging.

Well, hopefully we'll get use to this new life of ours.
Big thanks to Nana
for making things easier for me,
in a lot of ways and for being such an understanding person.

Our subjects are getting more serious every semester.
All the assignments are now based on real companies and we are also assigend to produce a real multimedia production.
it's exciting, but i can sense it's gonna be a bit tough dealing with all the group discussions since we are all now scattered all over Shah Alam.

Good points are, Printing shops are everywhere and wi-fi is available in almost all shops..

Wishing the LG220 babes a huge Good Luck
for all the assignments that has started to pour in..
bubbye FUN, hello WORK

Monday, July 13, 2009

Being on top could bring you down


Greetings to all bubbly bubble buddies of mine.

Regarding the title,
i have so many things to say about it but i'll make it brief.

People love to be respected.
but what they always forget to do is that to respect others back.

From my point of view,
Some people who achieve so much and being at the very top
tend to forget where they came from.

They forget the people who had supported them along the way.

All they care about is getting what they want
and they care so much about losing the things they already have.

it's a good thing that you maintain your success,
but that dosen't mean you have to push other people around
and expect them to be just like you.

When some people grasp success,
They might have a certain powerful feeling
in which could lead them to be arrogant.

That's not good. Not good at all.

Just because your academic achievement has improved,
that does not make you unbeatable.

God give you that and at any time, God can take that back.

Be careful with what you are doing and watch over your words.
You might just lose everything you've worked for.

Be humble and support your friends.
God will grant you with more than you ever wished for if u do.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009



Well, i've moved in into my new house which is somewhere in section 2.
it's such a cute house.
Bought bundles of new things to make it more complete.
Got Kuali and senduk oredy but the dapur hasn't berasap yet.. =D
hopefully, soon, we could produce Rendang Tok and make a huge business out of it..
(hell yeah!)

Well, since i came back to shah alam, i've been enjoying lots of outing with friends.
for the time being, i have never had meals alone. hehe.
Last nite had dinner with sum friends. got to see amer shahir yg makin comel. Loq is flying to japan in couple of weeks. Aizat boss and meen pun join smalam. Along with my rabun friend Ery. had so much fun chit chatting. Miss them this whole holiday.

The other day,
i met my 'past" in which i tried so hard to forget, but it seems that it took a lot of my effort to do so.
Nvm, i'll get over it sooner or later.

Being around my friends gives me a grateful Joy.
Friends are my support system.
Friends make me realise how impossible it is to live without love and care.
yup, my friends are my life.
what's there not to like.
Love them for their good and bad

Well, it's sailing fine.
Blooming. Constantly in demand.

Her songs are..... lovely!!
waiting for her album to come out.
Love her music soo much.

they are honeymooners again since both of me and my brother are now in college.
have fun guys!
miss u lots and lots..
i'll find a time to come back yuh..
missing home.

Non stop flu!
sick of it. the ubat is not working.
got tissues with me 24/7.
Cant really go out under extreme wheather.
it'll kill me. tragically.

Everything went really well for this first week and hopefully it got better and better in the upcoming weeks.

Bubbly Bubbye to all Bubbles

Friday, July 3, 2009

too many things to write, too little time

Recently i went off for my Umrah in Mekah.
Love every second of it.
Lots of experience to share.

unfortunately, i have tonnes of things to do rite now.
i'll write more about it later on (promish!)

Current Health Condition:
Fever, Flu, Headache

Current Activity:
Preparing for new semester registration in UiTM,
Preparation for moving into Rumah Sewa (which is very cute and very nice),
Doing some shopping for toilet3s,
Laundry (Sent a bundle of clothes to the Doby earlier),
Keeping in touch with old friends from SKHK (breaking the news that i might not be able to make it for this year's reunion),
Commuting to Nilai a lot (cousins might drop by today,
Updating Facebook,
Pay my Phonebills (which almost brought me to the floor after seeing the amount),
Went to IKEA for new bed sheets n spread. Kinda not liking it but what ever.

Going to visit a relative in Hosp Selayang (Pancreas Cancer, 4th stage)
Going back to Shah Alam tomorrow morning.
Enjoy quality time with friends.
Going to SACC, berfoya2.

Very2 sorry to those who are not informed about me going to Umrah the other day, it was chaotic and there's just to many things in mind, the VISA, the Passport, the Luggages, the medical process and so on. deeply sorry.

Now that i'm back, i didnt get the chance to text everyone, since i'm attached to a few other commitments. again, sorry. If there's time, God willing, we'll see each other and have a nice chit chat alrite..

Last Words:
Shah Alam, here i come!!!!

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