Tuesday, July 7, 2009



Well, i've moved in into my new house which is somewhere in section 2.
it's such a cute house.
Bought bundles of new things to make it more complete.
Got Kuali and senduk oredy but the dapur hasn't berasap yet.. =D
hopefully, soon, we could produce Rendang Tok and make a huge business out of it..
(hell yeah!)

Well, since i came back to shah alam, i've been enjoying lots of outing with friends.
for the time being, i have never had meals alone. hehe.
Last nite had dinner with sum friends. got to see amer shahir yg makin comel. Loq is flying to japan in couple of weeks. Aizat boss and meen pun join smalam. Along with my rabun friend Ery. had so much fun chit chatting. Miss them this whole holiday.

The other day,
i met my 'past" in which i tried so hard to forget, but it seems that it took a lot of my effort to do so.
Nvm, i'll get over it sooner or later.

Being around my friends gives me a grateful Joy.
Friends are my support system.
Friends make me realise how impossible it is to live without love and care.
yup, my friends are my life.
what's there not to like.
Love them for their good and bad

Well, it's sailing fine.
Blooming. Constantly in demand.

Her songs are..... lovely!!
waiting for her album to come out.
Love her music soo much.

they are honeymooners again since both of me and my brother are now in college.
have fun guys!
miss u lots and lots..
i'll find a time to come back yuh..
missing home.

Non stop flu!
sick of it. the ubat is not working.
got tissues with me 24/7.
Cant really go out under extreme wheather.
it'll kill me. tragically.

Everything went really well for this first week and hopefully it got better and better in the upcoming weeks.

Bubbly Bubbye to all Bubbles


Igniz said...

nak komen ape ye?*thinking*:P

aiMo0o said...

laa... i tot u r men with words.. now speechless plak die? haihh..

Anonymous said...

*evil laugh*

Syafiq said...

your house in Nilai?wow,thats near...

aiMo0o said...

syafiq: near to urs is it?

Syafiq said...

near my house la..nilai to seremban is less than 30 minutes la...hehe

aiMo0o said...

then u can belanja me makan2 la ni??

Syafiq said...

blh je..dtg time raye,time tu blh blanje mkn rendang n9...hehe.i can share a thing or two about dslr if u want.but u have to come to seremban la.hehe

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