Friday, July 3, 2009

too many things to write, too little time

Recently i went off for my Umrah in Mekah.
Love every second of it.
Lots of experience to share.

unfortunately, i have tonnes of things to do rite now.
i'll write more about it later on (promish!)

Current Health Condition:
Fever, Flu, Headache

Current Activity:
Preparing for new semester registration in UiTM,
Preparation for moving into Rumah Sewa (which is very cute and very nice),
Doing some shopping for toilet3s,
Laundry (Sent a bundle of clothes to the Doby earlier),
Keeping in touch with old friends from SKHK (breaking the news that i might not be able to make it for this year's reunion),
Commuting to Nilai a lot (cousins might drop by today,
Updating Facebook,
Pay my Phonebills (which almost brought me to the floor after seeing the amount),
Went to IKEA for new bed sheets n spread. Kinda not liking it but what ever.

Going to visit a relative in Hosp Selayang (Pancreas Cancer, 4th stage)
Going back to Shah Alam tomorrow morning.
Enjoy quality time with friends.
Going to SACC, berfoya2.

Very2 sorry to those who are not informed about me going to Umrah the other day, it was chaotic and there's just to many things in mind, the VISA, the Passport, the Luggages, the medical process and so on. deeply sorry.

Now that i'm back, i didnt get the chance to text everyone, since i'm attached to a few other commitments. again, sorry. If there's time, God willing, we'll see each other and have a nice chit chat alrite..

Last Words:
Shah Alam, here i come!!!!

1 comment:

Igniz said...

ooo..pi umrah...seriously ingatkan u pi Zimbabwe..XD

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