Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is 28 too late?

Strawberry Pie in Cameron Highland. Miss the trip..Lots..

Age number for marriage
i have it planned.
(God willing)

i guess i have a few things that i wanna achieve before the ring comes in.
Some goals are already achieved, but there are still a few more.

I dont want to go into detail about it but i just need a few views from friends.
About the age. is it too old for me to get married at my age of 28?

Everybody else is bugging me about the plans i have made about my life.
"Lambat sangat tu, x elok lambat2 kahwin"

i'm gonna put my all into my career. no matter what it is.
and i wish to travel, a lot.

Getting married is not just a matter of stucking yourself with someone.
It's about a HUGE commitment.

I guess it is a bit early to talk about marriage, but i it's not a crime to plan ahead, right?


anis said...

typically, mums will say..yes.hehe
but i tink, 28 is fine though i plan for 26. hee~
you're rite, marriage is about responsibility and commitment and not like just making babies (my lecturer said this ^^) :)
live life to the fullest, and travelling is just great ^^
and it depends on jodoh oso ;)

p/s: invite me to ur day regardless when it will be :P

aiMo0o said...

thanx anish...
like u said, if jodoh da datang nak wat camne kan..
but watever it is, i wish that i could achieve the things that i wanted to achieve before marriage.. then i can totally focus on my relationship..

u pown jgn lupe invite i taww!!

Anonymous said...

well, my ideal age is 26 but like u said, u wanted to accomplish some goals b4 walking down the aisle right.
well, in this case, duduk atas pelamin je la.haha

just pray hard that the guy wud of willing to wait for you..ehehehe...
if he loves you, its worth the wait.


anis said...

me too :) a stable life leads to a stable marriage ^^

okies, invite menginvite nnti :D

Igniz said...

i planned to get married at the age of 14(sebaik sahaja lepas akil dan baligh)..tapi gagal..huhuhu...hehehXD

kalau dalam dunia atlet, umor doploh lapan tu da kira senja tau...haa....

jaja aisyah said...

my target is 26,tp kne make sure yg that time i have a stable job and a car..klw still tade,cannot get married laa..hihii..;D

aiMo0o said...

Nana: i tot 26 is ok to0, tapi after kire2 balek, mcm tak cukup plak... i nak beli pent house dulu... hahaha.. anyway, like u said, my gro0m should be an understanding person.. hopefully die fully occupied mase tggu i tu.. hehe

Anish: Yup2, totally agree with that saying.. hehe

Sir Igniz: 14thn??? ambui2.. Gatai no.. owh, 28 tu senja da eyh.. tp kalu my groom tu 30, ok la kan? same2 senja.. hik3

Jaja: Setuju gile! those are sum of my goals.. hopefully he has that in mind to0..

Thanks everyone!!! ;D

Anonymous said...

impian itu adalah salah satu anugerah paling indah yang boleh dimiliki seorang makhluk...

tidak pernah tertulis salah untuk merancang pada kebaikan..kalau sudah jodoh..pasti tidak akan kemana...

apa yang penting...KERJASAMA...heheh..

perkahwinan itu adalah seperti....sebuah kapal yang teroleng oleh arus lautan dengan seorang nahkoda...bile hebat sang nahkoda..gah laa kapal...tapi kapal juge perlu baik...merrka perlu ade hubungan simbiosis antara mereka...


Igniz said...

lamanye pi Zimbabwe?hehe.

cepat ar balik! ada byk keje umah nak kene buat ni! tu kat my blog tu, byk nak kene komen!ahak!XD

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