Monday, June 8, 2009

Moving to Nilai

Unloading the thousands

Showing feet ^.^

Ibrahim and Safiee regions is in the House! (webcamming)

My Kupai and i (Posing, as always) <3

I've been very2 busy lately..
moving into a new house in Nilai
but we are still keeping our house in Bkt Antarabangsa..

I note that i did not update my blog for a very2 long time..
Awfully sorry to dearest readers..
i'm fully occupied with family commitments and also to some other things..

What i did for the last couple of weeks was:
~buying beds & furniture
~Entertaining a few Family demands
~Went out for Bank stuffs
~Photo shooting
~Commuting to Nilai, a lot!
~Drilling walls (hell yeah i did!)
~Putting on curtains
~Enjoying my new Sultan Mattress
~Planning on to kidnap my next door neighbor's cat
~Walking up d stairs
(which i hardly do since i'm living in d 12th floor for the past 5 years)
~Getting use to Mosquito bites
~Sweeping off dead leaves (Hate it! big time! i love my 12th floor)
~Hanging out with my Kupai. (merasmikan katil baru haha!)
~Eventho the house is not ready yet, but my thoughtful Cousin (NANOT!) from Melaka came to visit, appreciate it every bit.
~eating a lot of ice cream!!

It takes a lot for a house to become a home.
and i belief that i have found a home, here in Nilai. =D


Igniz said...

"~Planning on to kidnap my next door neighbor's cat"

make sure it's not gay. (read "My Cats Are Gay" to know why)XD

"~Hanging out with my Kupai. (merasmikan katil baru haha!)"

Hm....I AM a positive man.:P

Anyway, goodluck with the new home. Bak kata orang tua2 dari Zimbabwe, kalau masuk umah baru, kene belanja orang yg first bagi komen kat post ni makan SUBWAY, baru leh serasi ngan umah baru tu.;P

anis said...

sir igniz really loves that 'g' word i guess. haha

me too, gudluck with new home :)

Igniz said...

anis: still trauma selepas menyaksikan akidah rosak kucing2 kat umah ni.huhuhu.

aiMo0o said...

Sir Igniz:
Org2 tua kat zimbabwe??? ade sedare kat sane yea???? jeng3.. secrets revealed.. hik3.. jempot la dtg umah, bawak kueh sendiri yea.. tuan umah dah pokai beli furniture..hik3..

I do beliv that cats ade yg gay.. i hv afren who has that 'special kind' of cat..

Kupai and me, guling2 atas katil baru.. hak3!

Anish: he does love it anish, forgiv him for that.. hak3..

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