Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 3- A Picture with Friends

Hey hey hey!

3rd day!!!

Okey, so today's challenge is for me to post a picture of me with my friends.

I have tonnes of pictures to choose from especially my days in UiTM.
But as I browse through my picture files, I found this, a picture that brings most amount of memories.

Credit to one of my greatest friend Biela Khalid for the shot.
(I dont have a camera back then so most pictures are from her. tocey tocey)

From Left- Biela, Diana, Afiq, Didi, and ofcoz yang tengah baring tu ialah saya!

This picture was taken during my study in SMK Puteri Wilayah, KL.
At that time we were waiting for the assembly to start. Instead of reading books like others, we decided to berfoya2 dgn camera yg tak sepatutnye di bawa ke sekolah. haha.

It's an all-girl school, no boys involved.
So there were no CONTROL AYU moments.
Control ayu depan Ustaz Hamdi and cikgu praktikal je. hehehe. ;)

I miss SMKPW so much!!

Day 3- DONE!

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