Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 16- My Baby Pictures

Hello there babbling baboons!

Today's challenge is for me to post my baby pictures. hehe. Some of these pictures are not so 'baby-ish' but yeah... this is my blog, and I'll post what I want. haha.

Enjoy these old photos, and have fun making jokes out of it. ;)

Red and tiny, that's what my mom said.

Among first few shots of my outdoor walk

My mom & I :)

Sleeping in my mom's arms

"Masa ni Aimi first time pijak rumput. You didn't like it at all", said Umi. (That's my first toy given by Umi Mia- Si itam)

Bigger me. In overall.

With my late grandma and my favourite toy Cici
It was given by Abah when he visited Kuching.

And there's my womb-friend who came to join my life two years after I was born. Been growing up by his side ever since :)

The Ups and downs of my childhood creates who I am today.
And I have Abah, Umi & Aidil to thank for that. Thank youuuuu!

Day 16- done doneee!!

1 comment:

little ain said...

were red and tiny.

and now, pretty and tall macam model.

heee :D

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