Wednesday, February 24, 2010

6 things that made you single.

Yellowpp people!!

This morning i woke up thinking about my friends and relatives who always discuss about not getting to meet the ONE. Yup, i am going to write something on LoVe baby, LOVE.....

What could be the issue of not getting the right one yet?

one, The older you get, the longer list of criteria u will have for your partner.. Expectations will get higher and higher due to self development.
two, Think maturely people, relationship is not a try and error game. The level of maturity is very vital because this will reflect on how you handle a relationship.
three, maturity is developed by knowledge and experiences. One may have more experience and knowledge as compared to his or her partner and this will trigger the feeling of "why cant he think more like me? he should handle problems like i do".. Look, you may have the brain of Mr. Einstein, but you need this some one to lean on when u are emotionally down or whatever. So tone down a bit. Be flexible.

You just do not know what you want just yet. Take time to get to know yourself before accepting that some one in your life.

You are too scared of rejection. This happens to guys all the time. (based on my guy friends). they always say "what if she says no? malu dowhhh".. Then i will reply "u betul2 nak ke x nak nie? if you want her, then fight for every chance that you can get".
If she still says no, it means she's just not into you-MOVE ON DUDE!

This one is huge. Very deep issue. Some relationship are driven by LUST or the interest of just having a someone that you can call Hunny Bunny Sugar Plum. There are more than just that. You may know that you are not ready to have a relationship when you prefer lovey dovey talk rather than serious ones with your partner. You are only interested towards the romantic side of the relationship. When it comes to argument or future plans, you chicken out, or get paranoid. The expressions like "It is not like before", "Why cant he treat me like a princess like he used to" will visit. In a relationship, there will always be hiccups along the way. Communicate with your partner and be open. If you are not up for solving a "why-cant-you text-me-when-i-need-you" problem, then dont dream of getting a long term relationship.

Let me make it simple. If you are Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson, you can dream of getting someone who looks like Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds. Aiming high is no harm but lets keep it real, shall we. "Sekufu" in Islam means similarity. This do not just apply for physical, but also to status, education, family background, financial status, etc.

Personally, I was once a strict person who cant tolerate with the things that dont go my way. It affects my way of choosing my special someone. I was too rigid. After years and years of being what i was, I managed to come to my senses and view things differently. I realise that things cant always go my way, and I cant survive this world alone or expect other people to go by my rules. What i did was, increase toleration and accept the flaws of others (keeping in mind, we are all flawed in many ways)

I wish for every happiness for all my friends and family.
Jgn pressure sgt dalam hal nie ok.. insyAllah, one day your ONE will come..
as for me,
I thank God for him.. he meant the world to me.... =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sodomy, Sex and Gay- happy new year everyone.

Its been a really long time since i last wrote sumting here..
referring to the topic.
I've been reading the papers and realised that Malaysia is facing some serious issues of Moral values these days.
Firstly the sodomy case.
Back in the years, children dont know what 'sodomy' is, but now, they do.
Instead of just teaching the children on how to do well in studies and other life skills, teachers and parents are now facing bigger problems of educating these children on more serious matters such as sex- condoms, STD, etc.
by learning more than they should at such an early age could cause problems.
Curiosity towards the matter could result something bad among the younger generations.
Slight of chance that these early education function as warning that could protect these kids from performing unsafe sex.
I'm not gona discuss any further on this matter (sodomy cases in Malaysia),
lets live it to justice (if there's any, pfft..)
I watched MHI this morning and there was this talk on unwanted babies whom were born out of wedlock. These babies are mostly thrown away by the irresponsible parents and only a small percantage of these babies survived.
In some cases, the babies are brutally murdered.
there is a lot of effort done to overcome this issue but i dunno how far it is working bcoz it seems like the case is getting more serious everyday.
(referring to Muslims)
I have friends who admit that they are gay.
They are proud to be what they are without considering the fact that they are against
human nature and against the Almighty,
If asked, some would respond "I dont ask for this ya know, it just happen"
everybody has choice in life and obviously they are not making good decisions for themselves.
We should be more sensitive towards this matter and shouldnt look at it as current trend!
These are SOME of the moral issues we have, not yet to say on bribery, parents neglection, child abuse, prostitution...blah blah blah..
Malaysia is an Islamic country.
we shouldnt have cases like this here.
even if we have, it should be less than what we are facing now.
Ofcourse we will feel better if we compare ourselves with the US citizens, duhh.
What we could do (in small part of addressing the issues), give advice to our close friends and family. If we are involved in any of the issues above, seek help. Please. Before its too late.
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