Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 11- A Person I would Love to Meet


I'm so sorry for the delay. I feel terrible for not being able to update the blog accordingly. Huhu. Anyway, I'll do two challenges in one shot (in different posts ofcourse).

So lets do this.
11th challenge is for me to write on the person I would love to meet.
There are a bunch of people that I wish to meet but I guess the current one would be:

Kimora Lee Simmons!

Look at her! she's fabulous.

Why her?

1. Successful business woman
2. Runs her own company
3. Very tall (in some ways I feel that we are related. haha)
4. Quick decision maker
5. Powerful
6. Influential & Inspirational
7. Stylish
8. Family person
9. Loves pets
10. Loud. Veryyy loud
11. Risk taker
12. She's just everything I want to be!

Like she said, "see you at the top, coz there is where I'm heading"

Day 11- Done!!!

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