Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 12- My Blog Story

Hello Sexayy!

Alright, today's challenge is for me to write something about my blog.
I'm not quiet sure exactly what this challenge is about but... kena buat jugak. I belasah ikut suka hati. hehe

Why do I Blog?

One of the reasons is to improve my writing. (not sure if I have improved at this point. haha) And secondly is to fill up my time. I used to express my feelings in diaries, but I stopped writing ages ago, then I started to blog.

Who introduce me to Blogging?

Fatin 'Izzati. haha. and she introduced me to Facebook too. Thanks Fatengggg~

What do I Blog about?

Thoughts, feelings, ideas, photography stuffs, happenings, relationships, people around. Simply everything. Rojak!

Do I expect people to like what I write?

Ofcourseeeeee....... Or else I would just write it in lame diaries kann. I want people to read what I write. I dont mind having a small number of followers, as long as there are people who read my stuffs. And the best thing is when people can relate to what I say.

My Best Posts?

These are three of my best posts. I chose these three bcoz I think (I think la) they are most inspiring and best related to the readers.

Well I guess that's it. hehe.

Day 12- Donneeeeee!

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