Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you REALLY need to be there when ur girl is shopping for BRAs??

I'm writing this with a hope that my readers keep an open mind about what i'm about to point out. Trust me its important.

I went to Jusco Seremban with my mom this afternoon. We were browsing some clothes to buy and we came to a ligirie store. Like any other female customers there, we went from one row to another. Looking closely at colors, sizes, designs and fabric qualities.

At one point, there were an old guy with his VERY young wife browsing at some bras. They were discussing on what type of bra she should buy. It must be something really speacial going on that he cant afford to not follow his wife around the Triumph store.

Old guy: maybe u should wear sumting bright. with sponge.
Young Wife: I feel like buying it in pair, the bra n the penties

Here's the thing. If u feel that it is romantic to escort ur wife buying bras (tak kisah la if it gives u pleasure or whatever) but it disturbs other customers!! Nak beli bra utk pakcik skali ke??

Pelanggan lain jadi segan nak pilih2 sebab laki tu tgh selak2 bra utk cari saiz wife dia. WTF?
Its disturbing. SERIOUSLY.

no matter how manja u are, u have to be aware of how others feel. If the store is yours then lantak lah. I would say it was among the most uncomfortable experience i ever had.

I wish my girlfriens out there take note to this. Lagi2 bila kita ni beragama Islam dan ada adab, Malu itu iman. tolong la sensitif skit pasal pekara ni. it may seem small but it MATTERS.
N to my guy friends, kalau nak sgt ur wife pakai leopard print, cakap awal2, tak yah masuk kedai tu skali dgn ur wife, tau la dia pilih sendiri. Have pride, man.

Thats all. Have a good sleep babies.

(to pakcik makcik yg shopping bra bersama tadi, have a good night *wink*)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make Your Own Oreo Milkshake!

Picture from the net

Full cream Milk - 1 small cup

Oreo biscuits - 3 pieces

Ice cubes - three cups

Vanilla icecream - 3 scoops

Easy Steps:

Put everything in a blender. Switch it on.

Blend until it is well mixed (similar to the picture above)

Serve in glass and add whip cream on top.

There you have your very own OREO MILKSHAKE!! weee!!!

Making Love with Your Camera.

Hey semut2 sedunia!!

(up here is my picture that i took three years ago, baru jumpa dalam folder. hehe)

Looking at the date of the picture, i realised that its been awhile that i've been using my 7.2mp Nikon compact camera (not in picture, that was Pentax, i put my nikon on self-timer for this shot). Banyak dah jasa camera NIKON saya nie. It was my birthday present from my father.

During that time, it was among the most sophisticated compact cameras in market and i'm thrilled to have one. I took a lot of photos with my nikon and i cant never asked for a better camera. (until i see DSLRs on racks. Bleh sakit jantung ok.hope for getting one in near future.)

Knowing and understanding ur cameras is IMPORTANT. In other words,
LETS MAKE LOVE WITH OUR CAMERAS. not literally. pfft.

Ada kawan tanya, "mcm mane nak amik gambar cantik kalau takde DSLR". my answer would be, kita kena faham selok belok camera kita, walaupun compact camera je.

From my experience, i stick to one camera for a long time that i get to know how it can function at its best. Its like creating a bond with ur camera. I know that my camera is a total loser at night but superb during early morning, afternoon and under studio lights.
Org kata, tak kenal maka tak cinta. Bukan lah maksud saya kita kena kekal ngan satu camera je for our whole life, tapi kita kena faham camera kita even if we keep on buying new ones.

kalau kita tukar camera, bear in mind that kita bukan setakat tukar camera je, functions and productions of camera pun akan berubah especially bila tukar brand. Ade yg tak berapa bagus when it comes to low light, ada yg banyak noise, ada yg cantik gila kalau half light, ada yg terer indoor, ada yg speedy enough for sports shots. So it depends. What we have to do is to quickly learn our baby and be alert of its functions. We have to experiment a lot with our cameras. Amik gambar byk2 sampai kita puas hati.

So what I'm trying to say here is, kenali lah camera anda. It doesnt matter if u ade 7D ke D90 or 30meters of camera lenses ke. Get to know ur camera well, because every camera has its specialities, and its ur job to discover n make the best out of it.

Picture below was taken few days ago, and
YES, with the same NIKON compact my dad gave me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tak Aci Guna Photoshop??? ni respon saya.

Hai semut2 yg suka gula2

kali ni sy nak tulis dalam bahasa melayu. selama ni sy tulis rojak2.
(selamat berjaya aimi) huhu

PHOTOSHOP (kedaigambar) :D

Makin lama makin ramai kawan2 sy yang berkecimpung dalam bidang fotografi. Makin ramai yg beli DSLR (sy je yang x ada lagi. SEDIH!). Since tu, ramai yg ambil berat pasal kualiti gambar2 yg dihasilkan. Makin ramai yg rajin komen gambar2 kat facebook (mukabuku).

Ada komen2 yg membangun, ada jugak yg kutuk.
Tapi kali ni sy nak ckp pasal ade satu komen yg sy terima dari kwn pasal PHOTOSHOP.

"Kau guna photoshop, mmg lah cantik. Cuba kalau tak pakai, confirm buruk dowh"

OOOKKEEEYYYYYYYY. terima kasih kat dia sebab rajin tengok album saya dan rajin komen.
Saya nak balas kat situ tapi takut panjang berjela, so dah alang2 ada Blog ni, sy rasa elok lah sy share dgn semua pendapat ttg komen kwn sy ni.

Photoshop is a tool of photography.

Photoshop adalah alat bantuan kepada fotografi.
bagi pendapat sy, tak salah utk photographer tu gunakan photoshop utk hasilkan gambar2 dorang.. tak salah langsung. Sama mcm gunakan camera lense yg pelbagai. Ada yg utk macro lah, ada yg utk gambar lebar, ada yg utk multi-focus. Camera lense pun tool jugak utk cantik kan gambar kan? sama lah mcm photoshop.

Kalau tak, saya pun boleh la kata
"kau guna tripod, mmg lah gambar tak gegar" ataupun
"kau amik kursus fotografi, mmg lah gamba kau cantik"....... betul tak?

Bagi saya ape yg penting ialah cara seseorang photographer gunakan alat2 bantuan fotografi tu utk timbulkan seni kat dalam gambar tu. Ada jugak photographer yg pandai guna photoshop tapi gambar dia x cantik. ada jugak yg terlebih edit sampai hilang originality. Pendek kata, hasil fotografi adalah subjektif. Lain org, lain pendapat.

Sy nak amik kesempatan nie utk ucap BILLIONS OF THANK YOU kpd kawan2 sy yg tak jenuh support minat sy towards photography. I will continue improving myself towards the better.

Dan sy nak ucap good luck kat kwn2 sy yg baru nak masuk bidang fotografi ni, teruskan ngan minat ni.. ITS FREAKIN DAMN FUN!

Post versi BM ni sy dedicate to Fariz, Adam dan Bear.Sekian.

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