Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 24- A letter to my parents

Hello Potato Chips...

I took the longest time to write this challenge haven't I?
Well, I've been busy supporting my brother with his trip to California. Been shopping almost everyday. Sighh. Anyway, today's challenge is for me to post a letter to my parents.

First of all, I would like to say Alhamdulillah for still having my parents around. And I pray to God that they will stay healthy and blessed. Amin..

To my father,

Thank you for spoiling me with everything- the car, the phone, the house, the food, the clothes, the shoes, the bags...... *the list goes on* hehe. I appreciate it every bit. There's no other person on earth that can spoil me as much as you do. hehe.

I know that most of the time we 'berlaga angin', I guess its because we are alike. I inherit your temper, that's for sure. Being hard headed is not my fault, u gave me that. haha.

The best thing about you is that you always back me up. No matter how deep is the shit that I've got myself into, you'll be there to save me.

You are always the fun one.
THANK YOU ABAH!! I love u damn much!

To my mother,

............... *all teary*........
huhu. You are the best mom anyone could have. Lembut umi dalam menegur aimi Allah saja yg tahu. Sabar nya umi layan aimi. kadang2 aimi sendiri tak tahan dengan sikap aimi. *weird but true*

You are my best friend. Always understand me better than others. I can talk to you about anything really. I'm blessed. Thank you for being patient. Thank you for giving me the best in life. Thank you for giving me love. I will never ask for a better mom coz you are the greatest!

Yours truly,


Day 24- Done done doneeeee

Day 23- Something that I crave for


It's Day 23, and I'm posting a picture of something that I crave for a lot.


My brother bought it for me. It has always been our favourite chocolate :)

Day 23- Doneeeeee!

Day 22- Why am I an alien?

Hi hello hi!

I twisted the title a bit. hehe.
Today's challenge is for me to post on "why am I different from everyone else?"

Ok, I have a few things in mind. But I'm not sure if it's SOooo different from everyone.
Let's do this!

1. I'm tall, for a Malay girl. I guess that's the first thing people notice about me. I found only three girlfriends that match my height- Farah Dollah, Fee Kupai and Fee's sister, Ann.

2. I have a very soft spot for cows. I cry during Hari Raya Korban. Haha. Weirdo!

3. I don't do karaoke. I hate it. I just don't like it... at all. So, thank you for respecting that.

4. I love doing presentations. I know that most people hate it for the tedious preparations, but I love it. I can do it everyday. The best part of presentations is designing the slides and the speeches. I heart Powerpoint to death.

5. I'm not a person who announce things. I mean things that is unsure. I prefer to keep it to myself. Once before, I applied for UiTM and the online portal says, I got in. But still I didnt mention it to anyone until the letter actually arrived to our home. For me I have every right to decide what to be announced and what is not. I prefer to keep the suspense to myself, once I got the result and I feel like sharing, then I'll share it.

Those are some of the weird things.
Ok bubbye.

Day 22- done!

Day 21- Picture of a thing that makes me happy

Hello smarties!

Today's challenge is simple, I'm asked to post a picture of a thing that makes me happy.
So I chose this.....

My new pair of black heels

Shoes are just adorable. Next in line is: handbags! They make me smile like a fool. Literally.

See ya!

Day 21- Done done doneeeeeeee :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 20- What future holds for me

Hey everyone!

Selamat Hari Raya!!

I'm pretty tired rite now, been travelling all day. So umm.. I'll make this very brief.
Today's challenge is almost similar to the other day when I talk about Plan and Dreams. I'm not sure why is it almost alike. Anyways, let's do this.

1. Good career
2. Obedient wife and daughter
3. Living a life that is blessed by Allah

Frankly I have not much to say this time cause I had list it out in Day-18 challenge.
and yeahh.. happy eating ketupat everyone ;)

Day 20- Done!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 19- My Nicknames

Ehem ehem.

Ok, today's challenge is for me to post on Nicknames.
People give me all sorts of nicknames that I cant really recall it all.
I'll try to list down some of it.

Who gave it to me: Abah
Why: I'm not sure.. haha. I like it anyway.

Who gave it to me: My Fee
Why: Can't exactly recall why she did but yeahh.. been living with that name for 4 years now.

Who gave it to me: Faten
Why: Because I called her Temot, back when we were roommates. hehe

Who gave it to me: Some LG friends
Why: Following Faten I guess.

Who gave it to me: Zahidah
Why: She told me it's because I'm funny :)

Who gave it to me: Aishah
Why: Bcoz of this one Michael Jackson's dance move I did in high school.

Who gave it to me: My brother, Aidil
Why: I have no idea why. haha!

Who gave it to me: Jaja
Why: Cause I called her Mushuk.

Who gave it to me: Reza
Why: He caught me in a really bad mood that one day, haih.

Who gave it to me: WanYu
Why: hahahahahha....... Cant tell.

Who gave it to me: If I'm not mistaken it was Jeep
Why: Cause my history with cows I guess

Who gave it to me: Anis Sabrina
Why: Bcoz she's Afdlin Shauki.

Who gave it to me: Mimi!
Why: An old fling with someone from campus. Ancient history. haha

Who gave it to me: Amer Shahir
Why: I played Katrina and he is my Borhan for theater.

Who gave it to me: Miena Bintang
Why: Someone gave me this cheesy text msg that compares me to the moon or something. She made fun of it ever since.

Itu je yang ingat. hehe. Have a good rest everyone :)

Day 19- Done done done!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 18- My Dreams, Plans and Goals

Hello Hey Heyp!!

*quick highlights of the day*

- Raya is coming soon. Some are busy with Shopping raya, while some are busy trying to capture every last Pahala Bonus in this month of Ramadhan.

- Abah bought a bunch of pelita and we managed to light up the whole house. Raya mood: on!

- Dearest Sufi plans to do Qiamulail with his mum at three o'clock. I hope I can do it too. Pahala2 ramadhan yang terakhir sebelum Aidilfitri. Dapat solat sunat biasa pun jadi lah. Jom kawan2 :)

- My boss gave an awesome review on my job performance that made me smile to my ears.

Ok, let's start with today's challenge.
I'm asked to write about my dreams, plans and goals. They're almost alike kan?
I guess I should just list it down in points. (Sleepy already. Huhu)

1. Permanent Job. With good benefits. Job that suits my talents. That Expands my skills. That's worth my time and effort.

2. Another umrah, perhaps next year.

3. Slowly start my own business that some how can collaborate with my dad's. Or.. I wish to have a convincing post in the company that I'll be working with.

4. Haji with my family

5. Travel travel travel!

6. Own a house.

7. After getting busy for the next 2-5 years, I wish to get married. Have a baby within a year after marriage and another one the following year.

8. Expand my business or career. Be a good wife and mother at the same time.

9. My ultimate dream is to build animal shelters, all over the country. Do more charity. Seriously I would love to do that. Something that my children can be proud of.

Apa2 pun kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan. Kalau Allah kata Kahwin next year, jadi kahwinlah saya next year. hehe.

Day 18- Done!!!!! Zzzzzzz......

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 17- Someone I would want to switch lives with for a day


I'm pretty excited with today's challenge. hehe.
I'm assigned to write on "someone I would want to switch lives with for a day and why"
Been thinking of a person who's living a life far greater than anyone I know so that it's worth the switching. and I chose........................
sorry, I just feel that this is ridiculous.
Ok I should stop laughing now. Presenting~

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton!!

Yes, I would love to switch lives with her for a day. Wehooo!
She's just lovely. Gorgeously stunning.

Married to a prince, plus.
Hmm, I wish he has more hair, but yeah... Prince kot. Botak pun comel. haha

She's beautiful in everything. Any girl would want to have that smile (and that ring too!).

She's a trendsetter. A princess with style. Her figure is to die for.

Private jet, here and there, with half-bald-still-cute-looking hubby. I do want to feel that even for a day (the jet i mean). tehee.

Awwww....... She gets to wear everything to everywhere with everyone!! If I switched lives with her, I'll make sure William wears a hat, all the time. Sigh.. Silau.

Strolling around Buckingham Palace with a bald Prince. Eh, I mean with a charming Prince.

There's me in the middle, next to William. And there's my parents, and my sister. On William's side is my brother in law, Harry. And the Yellow one is the Queen, I call her Tok Wan.
Cewahh! haha.

That's it folks, Kate is the best choice on my list to switch lives with... even for a day.
Duchess Aimi Ibrahim signing off to reality :)

Day 17- Doneeeee!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 16- My Baby Pictures

Hello there babbling baboons!

Today's challenge is for me to post my baby pictures. hehe. Some of these pictures are not so 'baby-ish' but yeah... this is my blog, and I'll post what I want. haha.

Enjoy these old photos, and have fun making jokes out of it. ;)

Red and tiny, that's what my mom said.

Among first few shots of my outdoor walk

My mom & I :)

Sleeping in my mom's arms

"Masa ni Aimi first time pijak rumput. You didn't like it at all", said Umi. (That's my first toy given by Umi Mia- Si itam)

Bigger me. In overall.

With my late grandma and my favourite toy Cici
It was given by Abah when he visited Kuching.

And there's my womb-friend who came to join my life two years after I was born. Been growing up by his side ever since :)

The Ups and downs of my childhood creates who I am today.
And I have Abah, Umi & Aidil to thank for that. Thank youuuuu!

Day 16- done doneee!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 15- First Ten Shuffle Songs

Heyy Hippos!

I'm having a severe headache and thought of doing today's challenge tomorrow.
But I did 'two shots' yesterday, and the day before. That's not how these challenges work aite?
So I'm trying to get back on track by posting challenges everyday as promised.

Today's challenge is for me to list down the first 10 songs that played on my Playlist. I put my player on shuffle, these are the first 10 songs that appeared randomly:

(I linked it to YouTube in case you want to listen to it. Tehee!)

I haven't listen to some of the songs for a very long time, so yeahh.. have fun listening!
I should get some rest now. huhu.

Day 15- Done!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 14- A Family Picture


My 14th challenge is at the right time!
I went for berbuka with my awesome cousins just yesterday at Putrajaya. It was a blast!

My favorite shot of the night is thissss:

From left: Me, Aidil, Iqbal, Kayra, Hafiz, and Fadel

It's actually Fadel's idea, using our lampu of our phones to create letters. I saw people did it before, I mean the lampu thingy. Finally we got to do it ourselves. Weee!

I love my cousins!! (including those who are not in the picture yea. Me miss you!)

Day 14- Doneee!!!

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt me recently

Hey there boogies!

Sorry for the delay. Here I am doing two posts in one shot...again :(

Anyway, shall we start?
Today's challenge is for me to write a letter to someone who has hurt me recently. When I read the title, I went "Damn it!". Sigh.....Challenge is a challenge... let's do this.

Dear someone,

It wounded me so deeply to hear what you said the other day. I wish that you didn't say it cause those words left me with a great scar. I might seem like I've forgotten it, but in fact I can still hear those words in my ears.

I know that I'm flawed in many ways, sometimes I realize it, but to be frank, most of the time I don't. Thank you for making me a stronger person each time you curse me with your judgement. I may appear to be a person with a heart of stone but hey, I'm a girl with feelings. I feel your words, to my bones.

I promise myself to control my temper. Especially towards you. I wish I'm everything you want me to be, but God decides otherwise. Deal with it. All I need is some respect, see it as an exchange to what I have to put up with.

I forgive you, I do, I always have.

No further conversations needed. Thank you.



Day 13- done done done!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 12- My Blog Story

Hello Sexayy!

Alright, today's challenge is for me to write something about my blog.
I'm not quiet sure exactly what this challenge is about but... kena buat jugak. I belasah ikut suka hati. hehe

Why do I Blog?

One of the reasons is to improve my writing. (not sure if I have improved at this point. haha) And secondly is to fill up my time. I used to express my feelings in diaries, but I stopped writing ages ago, then I started to blog.

Who introduce me to Blogging?

Fatin 'Izzati. haha. and she introduced me to Facebook too. Thanks Fatengggg~

What do I Blog about?

Thoughts, feelings, ideas, photography stuffs, happenings, relationships, people around. Simply everything. Rojak!

Do I expect people to like what I write?

Ofcourseeeeee....... Or else I would just write it in lame diaries kann. I want people to read what I write. I dont mind having a small number of followers, as long as there are people who read my stuffs. And the best thing is when people can relate to what I say.

My Best Posts?

These are three of my best posts. I chose these three bcoz I think (I think la) they are most inspiring and best related to the readers.

Well I guess that's it. hehe.

Day 12- Donneeeeee!

Day 11- A Person I would Love to Meet


I'm so sorry for the delay. I feel terrible for not being able to update the blog accordingly. Huhu. Anyway, I'll do two challenges in one shot (in different posts ofcourse).

So lets do this.
11th challenge is for me to write on the person I would love to meet.
There are a bunch of people that I wish to meet but I guess the current one would be:

Kimora Lee Simmons!

Look at her! she's fabulous.

Why her?

1. Successful business woman
2. Runs her own company
3. Very tall (in some ways I feel that we are related. haha)
4. Quick decision maker
5. Powerful
6. Influential & Inspirational
7. Stylish
8. Family person
9. Loves pets
10. Loud. Veryyy loud
11. Risk taker
12. She's just everything I want to be!

Like she said, "see you at the top, coz there is where I'm heading"

Day 11- Done!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 10- Mood Songs

Hey everyone..! Its day 10!

Thought of posting today's challenge first thing in the morning but I was out all day long.
Anyhow, I'll make it brief.

Today I need to post on the songs that listen to when I'm Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, and Mad.

One song for each? Aduihh too many songs on my list to choose from. huhu

When I'm Happy I Listen to
Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

When I'm Sad I Listen to
Someone Like You by Adele

When I'm Bored I Listen to
My Heart's a Stereo by Gym Class Heroes

When I'm Hyped I Listen to
Hello by Martin Solveig

When I'm Mad I Listen to
Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

That's it for today folks!

Day 10 is murdered!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 9- Something that I am Proud of

Psst psst.... Hello there!

Today's challenge is for me to write on something that I'm proud of.
Ready set go!

1. Proud of my survival in UiTM

Finally, after 4 years (including TESL), I've come to the end. It was one hell of a journey. Without my awesome lecturers and beloved friends, I wont get to be where I am today.
With that, alhamdulilah... selesai sudah satu bala. hehe

2. Proud of my industrial training with Mypartners Communications Sdn Bhd

Surviving a forever-hectic company like MC is totally one of my highlights in life. And I was offered to join the team too. That's a real medal, professionally speaking. Ouh yuh, I managed to secure some media for clients' PR initiatives- one of it was Astro Awani. I'm awesome! (too proud eyh? haha)

3. Proud of sustaining my relationship with you-know-who

Many said that I wont stay long in a relationship (God knows why they said that) but with this one, I'm staying for good (Insyallah). Ofcoz there are bumps in our love life, added with being apart. But the best thing is, we survive it all.. without shouting or cursing. Rite dear? :)
Bear with me sweetheart.

4. Proud of my brother

Aidil is... hm... my everything really. This is one of the person that I can never hurt or see him get hurt. How I wish I can give him only the best things in life but Allah gets to decide on that one kan. He's off to California soon. There's just the two of us and surely I'll be half dead when he's gone. He's very smart, pious, naive, warm person. He's an excellent cook too! untung isteri dia. he he he

Day 9- Doneeeeee!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 8- Short Term Goals for this Month

Heyaaa little monsters!

Today was really tiring. Added with back ache some more :(
Hope that you had a better day.

Today's challenge is for me to post on 'my short term goals for this month and why'.
Usually I don't list out my goals, but yeahh.. ok, let's do this.

Goal #1
A permanent job in a PR department. Insyallah! Doakan saya ye.

Having a permanent job will somehow secure my financials and also will get me moving. I cant sit around all day doing nothing. I'm a people person, so, not meeting new people everyday will just kill me. Plus, at this age, I need to do all out to add up my experiences.
If I were to make mistakes, this is the time right?

Goal #2
Finish off my pending projects

I am doing a number of part time things & project to project basis work. Some are still pending until after hari raya. I wish that it'll go as planned.

Slim down for raya.

That'll take up some effort..hmm.. but I have to cut down some Kilos. It's for a simple reason- I want to look good in every picture!! hehe

Get my budget right. Seriously.

I'm known for my overwhelming spending problem, so I guess its a good thing that I at least try to be careful with money. Those RM don't come easily aite. I need to manage my account well.

Day 8- dddooonnneee

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 7- Someone that has the biggest impact on me

Hey buggies!!

Today's challenge is for me to post a picture of someone that has the biggest impact on my life. Well I have a list of people to be pointed out but as I went through it, I decided to choose Ustaz Hamdi. I don't have his picture with me but I found this on Facebook, credit to the photographer (whoever u are, akak pinjam yea, halal kan yea)

This is him :)

Like others, I have a dark past in which I see as a blessing because it turns me into what I am today. When I was 13, I involved with many wrong doings. I made mistakes. It got really bad that I almost got kicked out from school. Long story short, my parents came to a point where they made drastic decision to move me to another school. I was forced to stay in a hostel. No one accepted my differences when I first joined in. I begged my father to go back to the old school but he ignored every word.

I hate my parents for moving me away from my old friends. Not a day went by that I didn't hate them for that. I had a hard time making new friends. Some are welcoming but some looked at me as an alien. I think they knew why I was there - the girl who made mistakes and sent off to be 'repaired'. That new school that i was sent to are more religious. They solat on time and did jemaah, all wearing tudung too. I admit that I left Sajadah for quite sometime so basically I was kinda lost.

One fine day, a new teacher came to join the school and he is known as Ustaz Hamdi. He offered me a shoulder to cry on. For the first time, I decided to open up about the troubles I had- with solat, relationship with my parents, friends..etc.

My friends- Zahidah and Alifah was very supportive with my decision to allow Ustaz Hamdi to fix me. That is exactly what happened. He fixed me :)

For the next three years, he did just that. I believe, in some reasons, he's sent by Allah to help me find my path and Alhamdulilah, syukur pada Allah, dengan izin Nya, I'm a better person.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way. I'm nothing without u guys.
Haven't seen him since SPM though, I really hope he's doing fine with everything.
terima kasih Ustaz Hamdi:)

There you go, an emotional post. hehe

Day 7- DONE!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 6- Favorite Superheroes and Why

Good Morningg!

Yeah, I'm posting early today cause I have tonnes of things to do later.
Today's challenge is for me to talk on my favourite superheroes and why I like them.
I've chosen two out of many, tadaaa~

1. Mystique

She's from X-men (not exactly the good-guy, but yeah). I chose her because she can change into ANY human forms- from men to children and she can even imitate their voices! Awesome. Besides, she has a gorgeous body and flexible too. She's just amazing.

2. Iron man

Awwwww........ Look at him. What's there not to love about Iron man!
Other than his extreme good looks, I like this character because he's a genius and freaking rich. He's inventive, and super creative. A quick thinker too. Most of all, I love he's coolness. Even if he's in a deep shit, he doesn't panic, he put on his poker face and gets his brain to work his way out. Total sexiness!

There u go. My two favourites.
Dont get me started with Thor.....Captain America.... Green Latern guy.... Human Torch... *wink!*

Day 6- D O N E!!

Day 5- Somewhere that I've been to


Today is the fifth day of my 30-day blog challenge.
This time, I need to post a picture of a place that I've been to.
So I chose this picture:

In the picture: from left- Me, Abah, Aidil and Mr. Camel.

I went for Umrah during that time and I got the chance to visit a camel farm. The desert was super duper hot and the wind was very strong but it was worth it.

The camels were friendly and they let us pet them. hehe. However, I didnt drink their milk, urghhh.. they are cute but... milk? urghhhh... Salute to those who tried and survived the milk. I heard it tastes urghhh...
I miss Mekah so much. Kalau ada rezki dan umur, Insyallah nak pergi lagi.

Day 5- Done!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 4- Bad Habit and Something That I Look Forward To

Hey guyssss,

I almost forgot to update today's challenge. Been super busy and I'm extremely tired.
Anyhow, I've promised myself that i will be committed to this challenge till the end, so here I am blogging with my eyes half shut.

Today's challenge is to spill out my bad habit and what I'm looking forward to in this near future.


1. I shake my legs- super distracting and annoying

2. I change topic too often- at casual chatting, I cut off other people's conversations and divert it to the topic I have in mind. F*ing disturbing isn't it? haihh.

3. I make faces when children make noises. Anyone's kid in fact. Worse thing is, the parents see me doing it. tehee!

Something I look forward to?

1. This coming Monday Monday Monday :)

2. Mypartners Communications Sdn Bhd project after Raya

3. GRADUATION!!!! weeeeee!!

Day 4- Done!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 3- A Picture with Friends

Hey hey hey!

3rd day!!!

Okey, so today's challenge is for me to post a picture of me with my friends.

I have tonnes of pictures to choose from especially my days in UiTM.
But as I browse through my picture files, I found this, a picture that brings most amount of memories.

Credit to one of my greatest friend Biela Khalid for the shot.
(I dont have a camera back then so most pictures are from her. tocey tocey)

From Left- Biela, Diana, Afiq, Didi, and ofcoz yang tengah baring tu ialah saya!

This picture was taken during my study in SMK Puteri Wilayah, KL.
At that time we were waiting for the assembly to start. Instead of reading books like others, we decided to berfoya2 dgn camera yg tak sepatutnye di bawa ke sekolah. haha.

It's an all-girl school, no boys involved.
So there were no CONTROL AYU moments.
Control ayu depan Ustaz Hamdi and cikgu praktikal je. hehehe. ;)

I miss SMKPW so much!!

Day 3- DONE!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 2- Meaning Behind Blogger Name

Hellowww Yellowwww :)

Today's challenge is to write about the mystery behind my Blogger Name which is


it's actually my name AIMI added with MOO (the sound of a cow)

Simple reason really,
Most of my friends knew that I'm a half vegetarian, I dont eat four legged animals.
Therefore, for the love of cows, I decided to engage my name with cow's moo.

I almost run out of ideas back then but determined to look for a pen name. I thought to myself-

"hmm Aimooo's good".


Day2- DONE!

Day 1- Recent Picture and 15 Facts

Hey everyone,

This is my first time committing to a 30day Blog Challenge. I found it online so I thought this is kinda fun thing to do. Better than leaving my Blog unattended aite. So let the game begins!

Day 1- Post a Recent Picture of you and 15 interesting Facts about yourself.

This is a recent picture of me.

I was visiting the Negeri Sembilan Museum,

and there I was in one of the Negeri Sembilan house replica.

15 facts about me....

1. I love men in Kain Pelikat

2. I love cats and I have 8 of them

3. I love being interviewied

4. I'm more of my father than my mom

5. I like yellow lights rather than white

6. I'm allergic to red ants, medically proven

7. I'm terrified of clowns

8. I have more than 6 pillows on my bed

9. I'm unorganized

10. I forget things all the time

11. I'm addicted to Nescafe, especially the ones with foam

12. I have ego that sometimes goes a lil too far

13. I'm short tempered

14. I hate it when people correct my words when I'm talking

15. I judge everything

Yeayyy! Day 1- done.

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