Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 2- Meaning Behind Blogger Name

Hellowww Yellowwww :)

Today's challenge is to write about the mystery behind my Blogger Name which is


it's actually my name AIMI added with MOO (the sound of a cow)

Simple reason really,
Most of my friends knew that I'm a half vegetarian, I dont eat four legged animals.
Therefore, for the love of cows, I decided to engage my name with cow's moo.

I almost run out of ideas back then but determined to look for a pen name. I thought to myself-

"hmm Aimooo's good".


Day2- DONE!


HuNnY said...

aimoo,spttnye entry ni kena letak gmbr tuan punye blog ni wat muka ala2 ber-moo..hahahahaha

aiMo0o said...

hahahaha betul gak tu. terlambat sudeyhhh

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