Friday, December 19, 2008

LaNdsLidE at My bukiT antaraBangSa

well.. hello...
lame betul beta x menulis...
ok, here we go...
once upon a time
in a far far away land,
there live a princess in the tallest castle..
while she was sleeping one nite..
(after bergayut with my elmo, mengadu pasal his ayahanda yg sedang chemo, sgt sedih)
suddenly, she felt warm..
realizing that it wasnt her body heat, she opened her eyes
and looked at the KIPAS...its dead..
then she tried to switch on the lampu tidow, it was dead to0..
"loh.. xde letrik ke??", she tot..
then lazily, she got up from bed and peek through her window..
she saw d whole house area down there were in dark..
"x ape loh, nantok bangat nih", she tot and after dat
kedebummm she went back to bed...
tidow punye tidow.. pukul 7 baru bgn..

bermula lah episod trauma
Rupe2 nye, there was a massive landslide
300meters away from my castle..
at 1st i didnt beliv it, but since all my frens
~young & old, Short & tall, skinny & F**, Hot & cold
called me asking about it, i guess i have to beliv it then..

oleh kerana landslide itu sgt serius, our letrik cables were
also part of the mangse terkorban..
we cant watch tv for d latest news..
we only depended on our half-charged phones..
luckily, my castle is a condo, so we have a tangki air
dat make sure we hv our water supply..
(other places tputus bekalan air)
we tot, its just a normal landslide..
but looking at the amount of helicopters flying by
~we noe that its damn serius...

we spent a nite in bkt antarabangsa
while thousands had made their way out through
stiff hills & jungle trekking..

my family n i were about to join the crowd..
when the rescue team send order to close d exits
bcoz the land is still moving..
added with d rain, d land moved constantly for minutes..
then d water raised up to our chests.
that is when we decided to call it off..
there were rumors that said
we chose not to move out,
its totally wrong, it is not that we dont want to,
its the exits were not safe at that time..

D next day, we manage to escape...wee
but... this is what we saw..
we didnt noe that d bukit is MASSIVELY damaged
we cant even recognise d roads anymore..
its scary n sad......

to be continued... my elmo needs me...

Monday, December 1, 2008

LoVe is a BeautifuL giFt from AboVe...

My abah and umi who shared 20 years of ups and downs,
laughters n tears, the romantics and the misunderstandings...
Comitments will never be a bed of roses,
but it also never said that we shouldn't try to work on it...

below is sumting that i wana share with all my fellow semutsayangss..

i found this in a wedding invitation card
and i think it is so beautiful in words and meanings..
for those who have trouble reading MALAY LANGUAGE, grab ur dictionaries,
u reaaallly need to understand this...
all of us must read this and take it to heart...

Maksud Hadis:

"Kaum Hawa dijadikan dari rusuk kaum Adam
dan bukan dari kepalanya untuk di junjung,
bukan pula dari kaki nya untuk dijadikan pengalas,
tetapi adalah dari sisinya untuk dijadikan teman hidup,
dekat dengan lengan nya untuk dilindungi,
dan dekat dengan hatinya untuk dicintai..."

SweeT ain't it?...hmm..
Guys, love ur ladies, treat them well
and handle them with care..
Ladies, love ur guys for loving u n treating u well
and for handling u with care..

for those who is planning to fall in love,
for those who is searching for love,
for those who had just found love,
For those who is madly in love,
for those who almost giv up in the name of love,
and for those who lost in love...
no matter what ur status are,
The Almighty have always asks us to believe in the purity of LOVE
and the magical things that LOVE can do upon our miserable lives....


CindeRella shoes & a deaTh at tHe castLe

halo0o semut2 skalian!!!

wokeyh, i've skipped alot of things, so... lets get it started in ere!!


well, to those who concern about my health performance~
Yes, it will KILL my spine reaaalllyyy badly.. but it wouldn't affect me that much becoz diz is not actually 3 inches's 3 inches WEDGES... they stole my heart...
( my doctor would have burried me alive if he knew...)
but i will reduce the usage of thiz me... wiNk

to those who wonder how much $$ it costs~
Hmm.. not that much.. *fingers crossed*
it is worth every penny... wiNk

oh yuh... i bought two shirts to go with the heels..
i force my outfit to match the shoes...
its kind of my new OCD...huhu
pray hard for my recovery, bcoz i cant always afford the SYNDROME..

wokey~~ MOVING ON...

I went back to melaka last weekend,
i really mis my grandma..
my abah and umi also need sum time off work..
so we decided to enjoy the angin kampung...

speaking of angin..there was a weird-funny smell of angin
(em, wait, there's nothin FUNNY about d smell... it's awful! lets start again..
speaking of angin..there was a weird-awful smell of angin from bawah rumah..
u noe kan kat kampung they have diz rumah tengah, so kat bawah rumah tengah tu ade diz BLUWEK smell yg amat menggangu tidur beta..


oleh kerana beta amat ber duka cita apabila beraduan beta terganggu oleh bau tersebut..

maka beta mengarah kan pengawal2 istana beta iaitu~
ayahnda beta dan adinda beta utk pergi periksa punca bau tersebut...

setelah pengawal2 istana beta gagal utk mengesan nye,

puteri santubong dari kayangan pun come to the rescue
*watak putri santubong ini disandang oleh my granny's personal nurse yg sgt cekap deria bau nye*

maka beliau pun menunjukkan punca bau yg aneh tersebut....
ini lah gambar2 yg menerangkan punca bau itu, dan proses2 membuang nye...


Di bawah timbunan kayu2 ini~ misteri bau terungkai...jeng3

Arwah kucing ini lah puncanye.... we didnt do any bedah siasat on it but we assume dat it died bcoz of eating a poisoned rat... bukan *poisonous rat taw- it's poisoned rat*

Si penggali kubur ini adalah adinda ku, sbelum arwah kucing itu ditimbus,

ade a few scenes yg beta rase amat memual kan... ulat dan lalat penuh di badan mangsa,

thinking of amek gambaq, tapi menurut kata seorang pelajar MEDIC (ahli nujum istana), beliau menegaskan bahawa, kita tidak sepatutnye mengaib kan maruah mayat...

Adinda beta saja yg mampu mengangkat dan menanam arwah tersebut kerana kedua-dua beta dan ayahanda beta muntah beramai-ramai di tempat kejadian....(keluaq balik nasik lemak beta bersama sambal nya skali)

Moving on~~

todaY's NiKoN moments

Latest sunset from my wiNdoW....

Smiling buLan & BintanG...


dats all for today my dearest yellow mellow mashmellow fellows

luff yuh, mish yuh, adore yuh, feel lyke to eat yuh, kish yuh, cubiyt yuh...

nitey nite semutSSSSSayang......

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