Friday, December 19, 2008

LaNdsLidE at My bukiT antaraBangSa

well.. hello...
lame betul beta x menulis...
ok, here we go...
once upon a time
in a far far away land,
there live a princess in the tallest castle..
while she was sleeping one nite..
(after bergayut with my elmo, mengadu pasal his ayahanda yg sedang chemo, sgt sedih)
suddenly, she felt warm..
realizing that it wasnt her body heat, she opened her eyes
and looked at the KIPAS...its dead..
then she tried to switch on the lampu tidow, it was dead to0..
"loh.. xde letrik ke??", she tot..
then lazily, she got up from bed and peek through her window..
she saw d whole house area down there were in dark..
"x ape loh, nantok bangat nih", she tot and after dat
kedebummm she went back to bed...
tidow punye tidow.. pukul 7 baru bgn..

bermula lah episod trauma
Rupe2 nye, there was a massive landslide
300meters away from my castle..
at 1st i didnt beliv it, but since all my frens
~young & old, Short & tall, skinny & F**, Hot & cold
called me asking about it, i guess i have to beliv it then..

oleh kerana landslide itu sgt serius, our letrik cables were
also part of the mangse terkorban..
we cant watch tv for d latest news..
we only depended on our half-charged phones..
luckily, my castle is a condo, so we have a tangki air
dat make sure we hv our water supply..
(other places tputus bekalan air)
we tot, its just a normal landslide..
but looking at the amount of helicopters flying by
~we noe that its damn serius...

we spent a nite in bkt antarabangsa
while thousands had made their way out through
stiff hills & jungle trekking..

my family n i were about to join the crowd..
when the rescue team send order to close d exits
bcoz the land is still moving..
added with d rain, d land moved constantly for minutes..
then d water raised up to our chests.
that is when we decided to call it off..
there were rumors that said
we chose not to move out,
its totally wrong, it is not that we dont want to,
its the exits were not safe at that time..

D next day, we manage to escape...wee
but... this is what we saw..
we didnt noe that d bukit is MASSIVELY damaged
we cant even recognise d roads anymore..
its scary n sad......

to be continued... my elmo needs me...

1 comment:

nObby said...


God gracious!
I wanna contacted u but ur phone numb in my stupid (for rosak tak tntu pasal)sim card

Really2 hope u're okay

u can come to my place
if u want

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