Saturday, January 3, 2009

heLLo 20o9

nikon's shot~ latest pic on land slide in bkt antarabangsa...

well em, i should start with salam..
assalamualaikum semua!!

ended with not so gud looking..
first d land slide and the other was abang..
after 5 months having a brother
i felt that i had enuff..
i guess we r not..urm..stable, if i may say..
emotionally we were not stable..
he tested me in so many ways n i dono 4 wat reason..
he tested me on my patient, loyalty, n trust..

until one day,
he pulled d wrong trigger wic made me said
"i had enuff of this"
n like i always do, i stopped texting him,
i stopped answering his calls.
its pretty drastic..but i felt challenged..
i'm not interested in being challenged..
in sum way yes, but he's doing it in a very wrong way...
i was so angry..and upset..

what ever it is, he's a past...

urm, yesterday, sufi's father died of cancer..
i felt so sad that i cried my eyes out..
i feel really close to him this past few months..
he always updated me with his dad's condition..
it felt like i'm part of his family owready..
it's so sad..
i cant imagine if it happened to me..

about my house..
we are still doing house hunting..
we found one wic we really like..
but its in nilai..
agak jauh jgak la..

my new room in puncak is reaallllyyyyy comel!
its spacious..n got d best view ever!!
i can see d guys play street soccer from my window..
wee!! huhu..

i went back to melaka,
beautiful shots was taken..
visit my photos in myspace & friendster..

write to u later..
nak makan pisang goreng jap..
nak? huhu..
bubbye semut2 sekalian!

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