Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mari Tengok IkaN beramai-ramai!!!


nikon's shot of a chubby fish..
*faten said this fish reminds her of me..toinG!*
me n n my fellow housemates went out to seksyen 7 to buy sum bo0ks..
after that, we singgah at d red headed clown's drive tru for ice cream..
knowing dat it is difficult and dangerous to eat while driving,
we decided to lepak at tasik shalam...
after puas tgk d pemandangan of d tasek n turtles, n pasangan2 kekasih berpegangan tangan (adui yai!),
we went to a place called "aquarium"..
at first i tot we have to pay for tickets to go in,
but no, its free...WEEE!!
so we went in n took sum photos..
gelak here, gelak there...
puas dah cium ikan...kih3..

sinot, temot n kak itot

a fish in a tank!! tomey tangat!!

red head!!

By the way,
i told u about my view from my window kan?
lo0k at diz....!!

how can i not love this view...
wat more can i say about d sexiness of abg botak playing soccer..
i love diz room!!

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