Friday, January 30, 2009

turning into a real's tough!!!

cup cakes!! i made these lil devils..beliv it or not..hehe

i'm known for my complaints, arguments, temper, and strictness

but what sum people dont know is that i have a very soft spot in me..

haha.. funny saying this out loud but i guess 2009 brings a different colour in my life..

i'm much more open in learning how to cook, how to pilih sayur (which i'm very very bad at), how to do pasar shopping (i hate it, but what d hell) and how to deal with sum of the house chores.. basically, i'm learning on how to be a women..haha..

my mother loves to have me in d kitchen (sumthing that i dont usually do) but she said, she will love me more if i dont ask to many questions..hehe.. but hey, i'm learning here..

i dunno for wat reason that i suddenly feel like i have to change, but being 20 (this october), and not knowing how to handel a fried fish is embarassing... i'm imagining me n my future mak mertua in d kitchen..

mak mertua: aimi, tolong mak siang ikan sat..

aimi: emmm... tak reti la mak..

mak mertua: xpe la aimi, aimi tolong mak tumbuk serai ye..

aimi: emmmm... serai yg mane satu mak? nak tumbuk camne?

mak mertua: (dah buat muka) aimi tolong yg senang2 je lah.. pegi sapu kunyit kat ikan tu, mak nak goreng..

aimi: nak sapu camne mak? kena ade air x?

mak mertua: (dah mula rase menyesal anak die kawen ngan aku) mcm ni la aimi, aimi duduk je.. biar mak buat semua..

x ke sedih if its really happening... malu owwh.. well, i'm not that bad, i noe how to cook its just that i want to do more than just ikan goreng..hehe..

so thats why i decided to blaja sikit2.. F.Y.I, i made dinner for my family this whole week.. and dorang tak sakit perot.. yay!

i can see that i'm a workoholic one day but i have to know things in the kitchen as well..

its not just about getting a nice husband, nice car, nice house, and nice job... its more on how u run those things.. and i guess by getting more involve in the kitchen, the smelly pasar and chaotic kenduri my help us to perform better as a women..

i'm a bit merapu, but dat is how i feel lately.. i want to learn things and be a better person..a useful one.. and i think i want to check-in a SELFISH rehab, so that i would put more consideration about the people's needs and not just mine...

tadaaaa~~ end


CooZy said...

OMGOSH those cupcakes look awesome Aimi!

I want one! (:

aiMo0o said...

i'll make one for u.. with ur name's RM4.. thank u n do come again...hehehe

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