Friday, February 6, 2009

I HaTe karaoke!

i hate karaoke..
trully deeply hate karaoke...
dont try to invite me to any of karaoke events..
i hate it..
its not dat i cant sing, ( i'm tony braxton's voice-twin sister ok! xD)
i dont like the environment there,
either its an open hall, or a closed area..
i just dont like it...
almost all the people i know
enjoy singing in boxes,
but i dont..
it really turns me off when people go on and on about
how interesting it is to just sing ur lungs out
and not having simon cowell to judge u..
sorry, dat wont do..
if u like it, then go ahead, enjoy urselves..
liv me in peace..
i dont like it..
i hate it..
i never done it and i beliv that i will never think of trying it..
say wat ever u want,
i will never ever ever say YES to karaoke...
i'd rather do sky diving...
or have a swim with sharks and wales in the sea..
yuh, dat is how much i hate it..
wakarimasu ka???

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