Saturday, February 14, 2009

tiRed and sleepy~

sgt sgt sgt penat arini....
now is 1:11 am and i'm still awake..
baru tringat nak cek email, a friend of mine nak send sum pics..
alang2 tu, terrrr tekan BLOGGERS website plak...
pastu rase mcm nak share what i've been tru yesterday and today...

jumaat malam sabtu aritu i arrived home from puncak..
sampai2 umah je my dad kate nak gi visit my sedare yg masuk
hospital selayang.. he had a sudden heart failure..
then we went there..

otw there tringat plak si temot nak balek SP mlm tu,
so igt nak text die tny die katne sume,
skali phone tinggal la plak....aiyo0o0o
tp abah ku yg baik hati telah pinjam kan phone die..
so dpt la ckp 3-4 minutes ngan temot..
(mase call die mule2 tu, lembut je sure die bagi salam, mesti die igt tu abah yg call, kih3.. setelah mendengar suare merdu ku trus je tukar tone~ "ha, nape?" aduiii)

back to d story~~
i tot it was jus a normal heart attack,
rupe2 nye its a serius thing...
he's now vegetated which is a.k.a coma.
i didnt get the chance to go into the CCU to see him ( abah dah tgk a day before)
sbb mase tu visiting hours dah abis..
so i pun borak2 la dgn anak die tny pasal his condition..

doctor kate "Just be prepared for any consequences"
they said that skarang nie my uncle to depend on life support machines
in which help him with his heart beats, blood circulations and so on..

hmm... sgt sedey..
so today i went again
hoping to see him..
luckily, the visiting hours is still on,

after an hour or two standing outside the ward,
(imagine how i handle that with this weak spine)
i got the chance to go in the CCU
(2 org je bley masuk at a time)
so i went in with aidil,

i was shocked to see so many machines in his room..
there were around 5-7 machines around him
and they make all kinds of 'beeping' sounds..
i dunno wat it says, i dunno how to read those things on screens..
but the one thing i noe was his heart beat fastened when aidil gave salam as soon as we entered the room.. d graph just went up and down...i guess he can hear us..
so we try to talk more slowly so that his heart rate wont jump high..

me n aidil walked around the room, checking out those machines around him and trying to predict which machine is for which use.. there's a lot of machines i'm telling u..
wires are all over the place... so we watched our step very carefully... who knows what will happen if we step on one... erk!

he looks as though he is asleep..
doctors are monitoring him 24/7 since he came in..
we are praying hard for his health...

later that nite, we went out to have a dinner with our cousin~ iqbal..
dpt makan popia n kek cuklat his mum made.. sgt sedap..
after borak2, we headed home..
sampai je bukit, brenti jap beli CD cetak rompak kat kedai cina sbelah pet shop tu,
pastu beli brg2 mkn sket kat 7-E (lepas byr baru tringat nak boikot US product aiyo0o!)

ni baru la sampai umah with my layu eyes...
bukak2 internet je trus carik assure & addie models for my ID presentation class...
(lepas dapat a star from DR Cynthia, trus smangat nak wat keja..kih3)
partner ngan tuan penache~ nanot.
thanx sbb sudi jd partner i, terharuuuu...
n we shud celebrate for that STAR we got...hehehe

esk umi ajak gi pasar plak.. aaa!!!!!!!!!
those stinky fishes... adoi...
wt eva it is, its still an educational trip for me...
i'm turning into a women remember!!

ok la bambling bunch of babboons,
i'm sleepy oredy.........zZzZzZ


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