Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 18- My Dreams, Plans and Goals

Hello Hey Heyp!!

*quick highlights of the day*

- Raya is coming soon. Some are busy with Shopping raya, while some are busy trying to capture every last Pahala Bonus in this month of Ramadhan.

- Abah bought a bunch of pelita and we managed to light up the whole house. Raya mood: on!

- Dearest Sufi plans to do Qiamulail with his mum at three o'clock. I hope I can do it too. Pahala2 ramadhan yang terakhir sebelum Aidilfitri. Dapat solat sunat biasa pun jadi lah. Jom kawan2 :)

- My boss gave an awesome review on my job performance that made me smile to my ears.

Ok, let's start with today's challenge.
I'm asked to write about my dreams, plans and goals. They're almost alike kan?
I guess I should just list it down in points. (Sleepy already. Huhu)

1. Permanent Job. With good benefits. Job that suits my talents. That Expands my skills. That's worth my time and effort.

2. Another umrah, perhaps next year.

3. Slowly start my own business that some how can collaborate with my dad's. Or.. I wish to have a convincing post in the company that I'll be working with.

4. Haji with my family

5. Travel travel travel!

6. Own a house.

7. After getting busy for the next 2-5 years, I wish to get married. Have a baby within a year after marriage and another one the following year.

8. Expand my business or career. Be a good wife and mother at the same time.

9. My ultimate dream is to build animal shelters, all over the country. Do more charity. Seriously I would love to do that. Something that my children can be proud of.

Apa2 pun kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan. Kalau Allah kata Kahwin next year, jadi kahwinlah saya next year. hehe.

Day 18- Done!!!!! Zzzzzzz......

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