Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 1- Recent Picture and 15 Facts

Hey everyone,

This is my first time committing to a 30day Blog Challenge. I found it online so I thought this is kinda fun thing to do. Better than leaving my Blog unattended aite. So let the game begins!

Day 1- Post a Recent Picture of you and 15 interesting Facts about yourself.

This is a recent picture of me.

I was visiting the Negeri Sembilan Museum,

and there I was in one of the Negeri Sembilan house replica.

15 facts about me....

1. I love men in Kain Pelikat

2. I love cats and I have 8 of them

3. I love being interviewied

4. I'm more of my father than my mom

5. I like yellow lights rather than white

6. I'm allergic to red ants, medically proven

7. I'm terrified of clowns

8. I have more than 6 pillows on my bed

9. I'm unorganized

10. I forget things all the time

11. I'm addicted to Nescafe, especially the ones with foam

12. I have ego that sometimes goes a lil too far

13. I'm short tempered

14. I hate it when people correct my words when I'm talking

15. I judge everything

Yeayyy! Day 1- done.


HuNnY said...

nk buat jugak!!!!

aiMo0o said...

buat laaaaaaa! :D

One Girl Ideas said...

So glad to see you are doing the 31 day challenge. I fell of the wagon around day 13! Keep up the good work I will stop back and check out all your progress :)

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