Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 8- Short Term Goals for this Month

Heyaaa little monsters!

Today was really tiring. Added with back ache some more :(
Hope that you had a better day.

Today's challenge is for me to post on 'my short term goals for this month and why'.
Usually I don't list out my goals, but yeahh.. ok, let's do this.

Goal #1
A permanent job in a PR department. Insyallah! Doakan saya ye.

Having a permanent job will somehow secure my financials and also will get me moving. I cant sit around all day doing nothing. I'm a people person, so, not meeting new people everyday will just kill me. Plus, at this age, I need to do all out to add up my experiences.
If I were to make mistakes, this is the time right?

Goal #2
Finish off my pending projects

I am doing a number of part time things & project to project basis work. Some are still pending until after hari raya. I wish that it'll go as planned.

Slim down for raya.

That'll take up some effort..hmm.. but I have to cut down some Kilos. It's for a simple reason- I want to look good in every picture!! hehe

Get my budget right. Seriously.

I'm known for my overwhelming spending problem, so I guess its a good thing that I at least try to be careful with money. Those RM don't come easily aite. I need to manage my account well.

Day 8- dddooonnneee

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