Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 4- Bad Habit and Something That I Look Forward To

Hey guyssss,

I almost forgot to update today's challenge. Been super busy and I'm extremely tired.
Anyhow, I've promised myself that i will be committed to this challenge till the end, so here I am blogging with my eyes half shut.

Today's challenge is to spill out my bad habit and what I'm looking forward to in this near future.


1. I shake my legs- super distracting and annoying

2. I change topic too often- at casual chatting, I cut off other people's conversations and divert it to the topic I have in mind. F*ing disturbing isn't it? haihh.

3. I make faces when children make noises. Anyone's kid in fact. Worse thing is, the parents see me doing it. tehee!

Something I look forward to?

1. This coming Monday Monday Monday :)

2. Mypartners Communications Sdn Bhd project after Raya

3. GRADUATION!!!! weeeeee!!

Day 4- Done!

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