Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i'm not ready and i dunno if i ever will

i'm in my room, feeling so penat
after one whole day hanging out with my brother, aidil,
who followed me to puncak today...
i really enjoyed our hangout..

we went to see fishes in shah alam,
and then we headed to mid valley for a movie..
after jalan2 n memenat kan diri, we went back home..
then goreng cekodok..
nyum2..sgt lazat..hehehe..

anyway, i'm not in a mood to face anybody in class this morning..
i only made conversation with faten, nana,
quelen, n kak marina (tu pun sbb die kate aku nampak cantik arini..kih3)

i'm not ready to talk about what happen and
i never want to discuss it..
it had me real deep that day,
i'm hurt,
n i need sumtime to heal..
knowing the fact that the scar remains,
the frenship we shared
will never ever be the same again...

its a lesson for all of us..
about who to trust,
n how to appreciate frenship..
sorry that u have to learn it the hard way..

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