Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CameRon Highland & faMily LufF

Strawberry...org melayu panggil stoberi..
~nikoN's sHot

i went to cameron highland with my cousins last weekend..
and i can say it is a verrrryyyy joyful trip..

i realise dat family bonding means
a lot more than just anyam ketupat bersama-sama di pagi raya...

it is an undevided love
towards people dat we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for..
it is deep, sincere and sumtimes ~complicated..

me n those bambling baboons
went up there for just a couple of days
but we had soo much fun..
now that we are grown ups,
our experiences and views are getting larger
and when that happens, we cant stop talking..
there is just to0 much to share..

i love everything about my family..
i would never want to replace it with anything else..

my abah has done a realy good job in raisinig me, to be a beautiful semuT..
n to support me financially,
wic help alot in making me beautiful-ER..hak3

my umi has always been a shoulder for me to cry on,
she is my super duper spirit booster..

n my adik....what can i say more...
he is my bestfriend, my soulmate, my boyfriend,
he is my inai to my nails..
my ink to my pen,
n my wallpaper to my dekstop...

altho he is a bit mak nenek upon my shopholic attitude,
but he is truly my everything...

mase kecik2 dulu die tak faham
why am i being so overprotective of him,
sampai patung pokemon die kena curik pon i serang kawan dia si pencurik tu..
huhu.. u should c how d lioness baham dat pencurik...

as he gets wiser,
he starts to understand the fact that
die lah satu2 nye adik i yang berada di bawah tanggungjawab i...

jika terjadi apa2 terhadapnya...
i can never forgive myself....

i swear on everyone i love~
i'll protect him till d day i die..
x kire la die da kawin ke, ape ke...
he will always be
~adik singa betina....

hugs n loads of kisses to all..
nitey nite over grown babies...

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