Monday, December 1, 2008

LoVe is a BeautifuL giFt from AboVe...

My abah and umi who shared 20 years of ups and downs,
laughters n tears, the romantics and the misunderstandings...
Comitments will never be a bed of roses,
but it also never said that we shouldn't try to work on it...

below is sumting that i wana share with all my fellow semutsayangss..

i found this in a wedding invitation card
and i think it is so beautiful in words and meanings..
for those who have trouble reading MALAY LANGUAGE, grab ur dictionaries,
u reaaallly need to understand this...
all of us must read this and take it to heart...

Maksud Hadis:

"Kaum Hawa dijadikan dari rusuk kaum Adam
dan bukan dari kepalanya untuk di junjung,
bukan pula dari kaki nya untuk dijadikan pengalas,
tetapi adalah dari sisinya untuk dijadikan teman hidup,
dekat dengan lengan nya untuk dilindungi,
dan dekat dengan hatinya untuk dicintai..."

SweeT ain't it?...hmm..
Guys, love ur ladies, treat them well
and handle them with care..
Ladies, love ur guys for loving u n treating u well
and for handling u with care..

for those who is planning to fall in love,
for those who is searching for love,
for those who had just found love,
For those who is madly in love,
for those who almost giv up in the name of love,
and for those who lost in love...
no matter what ur status are,
The Almighty have always asks us to believe in the purity of LOVE
and the magical things that LOVE can do upon our miserable lives....


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