Monday, July 13, 2009

Being on top could bring you down


Greetings to all bubbly bubble buddies of mine.

Regarding the title,
i have so many things to say about it but i'll make it brief.

People love to be respected.
but what they always forget to do is that to respect others back.

From my point of view,
Some people who achieve so much and being at the very top
tend to forget where they came from.

They forget the people who had supported them along the way.

All they care about is getting what they want
and they care so much about losing the things they already have.

it's a good thing that you maintain your success,
but that dosen't mean you have to push other people around
and expect them to be just like you.

When some people grasp success,
They might have a certain powerful feeling
in which could lead them to be arrogant.

That's not good. Not good at all.

Just because your academic achievement has improved,
that does not make you unbeatable.

God give you that and at any time, God can take that back.

Be careful with what you are doing and watch over your words.
You might just lose everything you've worked for.

Be humble and support your friends.
God will grant you with more than you ever wished for if u do.


Igniz said...

Top being on down you could bring.
Bring you top being on could down.
Could you bring top on down being?
Could you bring down being on top?
Top down could bring on being you.

Haih, i tried to do some sort of words..but failed.haih.

I like this post by the way. i can feel your seriousness.:)

aiMo0o said...

ade2 je la sir igniz nie... haihh..
i'm serious bout it btw...

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