Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cash and Complains

Hello there.

Second week has ended.
Boy, i must say, my pocket is really2 empty.
Like Nana said 'Kopak dowh'!

But not to complain about the fun i had, staying outside campus,
despite the expenses ofcourse.

Love the house, very friendly housemates.
at least we are learning how to manage our money expenses and also to handle our very own payments.
Huge Experience. But very challenging.

Well, hopefully we'll get use to this new life of ours.
Big thanks to Nana
for making things easier for me,
in a lot of ways and for being such an understanding person.

Our subjects are getting more serious every semester.
All the assignments are now based on real companies and we are also assigend to produce a real multimedia production.
it's exciting, but i can sense it's gonna be a bit tough dealing with all the group discussions since we are all now scattered all over Shah Alam.

Good points are, Printing shops are everywhere and wi-fi is available in almost all shops..

Wishing the LG220 babes a huge Good Luck
for all the assignments that has started to pour in..
bubbye FUN, hello WORK


Igniz said...

one thing that i learned from having lived outside (of campus) is that...i spent more time on my PC watching movies, playing video games, etc..and then hanging out with my friends watching movies (again) at the cinema, playing bowling and futsal..and my GPA dropped. when i was in campus, since the entertainment was limited, i got nothing to do and hit the books.

hope you won't suffer the same syndrome:)

Syafiq said...

ala...ijan alasan je tu..dulu kitorang same rumah pun selalu je kitorang ajak main futsal,ok,ke sebab aku satu rmh dgn ko,pointer ko ok ek ijan?hehe.btw,blaja la tolerate ye..tu je nak pesan bile tinggal luar ni...hehe

Igniz said...

ko lupa satu lagi aspek, pik..internet..budak2 kat umah aku tu, termasuk aku, kaki download...baru je nak bukak buku, dgr diorg ckp, "heroes episod baru!", "the mentalist episod baru!".."jan, movie bla bla bla dah siap download"..."jan, main unreal tournament jom!"..godaan...XD

aiMo0o said...

ade2 je korang neh... bagi lah motivation sket kat junior neh...huhu
tp duk luar mmg byk sgt godaan..
entertainment is everywhere, especially movies n shopping..
duit plak keluar cam air.. hadui...

Anonymous said...

yup!!.mmg duit laju cam air..
evrythg needs income but need money,datz d syndrome suffered by us(students)..='(
wat we need 2 do is:
>>planning--->buy necessary things ONLY...huhu
>>b'ingat2 tgh ade duit..not b'ingt2 ble dah pokai..
>>pray dat money xkan pupus...

liana yusoff said...


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