Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dexter and Dee Dee

It's been too0o0o damn long since i last wrote.. been, occupied with stuffs..
neway, lets start tis..

i have a brother whom i love so dearly.
we have our differences,
he's into science and i totally against his interest.
he's considered as the einstein of the family.
while i wont say that i'm the opposite bcoz that'll make me look stupid,
i would say i dunt put that much effort (as he does) in my studies.

One day, i was watching carto0n network.
and this one cartoon suits us very well.
in Dexter's Laboratory, there are two main characters that resembles my brother and i.

Dee Dee
the Loud-busy body-happy go lucky-annoying-fun- spontaneous Sister

The thinker-science fanatic-secretive-curious-passionate brother
this happens when Dexter wont share secrets with Dee Dee.
the exact thing i would do to my brother if he's keeping secrets from me.
Dont u dare dude, u have only one sister in ur life, be good.

i do this all the time.

If he's experimenting on somethings, i would just jump in the scene and starts to touch things which i'm not suppose to touch. and the experiment usually fail after that. hehe.

We use to do everything together,
watch movies (even the ones i dont really like),
strolling around KL,
Get on LRT (before having jonet around),
eat junk foods,
by only sitting on sofa watching the nanny the whole day seems fun with him by my side..

But now,
since he's in college and has become an adult,
we spend less time with each other.
he has a friend with a car now, so he doesn't really need me around that much.
he's busy with his studies and we see each other less, only on weekends (at least)
on my part, having friends around really occupies my time.
hanging out with friends has become a routine.
Plus, my brother is doing a major science course, he needs to focus hard.
even if we wish to see each other, we have to plan dates and all.. like an appointment..

i miss my time with my brother so much..
i miss the time where we clinged to each other every second.
Now that he can stand by his own, i feel a bit..... sad and lonely.
(nnt da pegi california, lg la i merana..... hmmm)

Whatever it is,
i can promise him these:
i'll be there whenever he needs me.
i'll catch him everytime he falls, even if it means i hv to be in a deep shit.
i'll protect him with all my heart.
i'll give him the best things in life
i'll try to give him happiness all the way tru life (with God's will)

i'll love him forever.
Muhammad Aidil a.k.a Kodel,
u are the best thing that God has given me and i will never neglect the responsibility of a sister.
i might not be the best,
but one thing for sure, u r the best brother anyone could ever have.



Anonymous said...

comelnye..the last pict..huhu

Syafiq said...

im an only brother in my siblings.kire same la gak tu kan?hehe.tapi i dont like on that aspect,we're the same.hehe

aiMo0o said...

Nana: i mmg comeyl pown...

Syafiq: hehehe... i x ske sgt sains n maths, so i end up with English.. u pun tau kan, generally personality org sains n org english nie bebeza.. org english nie die loud n fun sket, unlike science people.. hehe

nanot said...

owh boy....
how sweet..........................~~~~

rindu kamo~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anis said...

so shweeeeT :)

~feefEE~ said...


i noe the feeling..i pon ade kakak sorang je..
to be honest, i love the attention that kalong gave..she is the best sister in the universe and i would never want to replace her with anything else...
ouhhh...if u ever feel lonely u can always come to me okay? i'll be by ur side~~

Anonymous said...

aww.. so beautiful..
wish i had a sister like you :)


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