Thursday, August 20, 2009


I went to watch UP animation movie with my brother this afternoon.
i must say that it was SUPERB!!
It's not like ordinary cartoon story line.
to tell u the truth, I cried twice during this movie.
It's so moving.
It mixes the elements of romantic & humor.
At one point i shed tears, and the next second I laughed my lungs out.
The characters are so0o0o0o cute!!!
I love every scene of it.
It made this Lioness cry, what more can i say to convince u to get tickets to go n watch!!!


Syafiq said...

yeay! memang best pun!hehhe. sy wat review,awk pn wat review gak ek..hehe

aiMo0o said...

kesian abg ijan x tgk lagi...
best sgt kan? kan?..
i just cant stop talking about it...
Love it!

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