Thursday, August 27, 2009

News-Feeding is SeXy

Have u ever come across a time when u cant fit in conversations?
Well, i had.
  • It was in year of 2008
(i could have just said "last year" but 2008 sounds nicer =D),
I was chatting with a friend of mine some where on earth.
It was raining at that moment and i cant hear of anything else but rain drops on my window..
it was really cold that it made me snuggle under my yellow covers..
(ok, i'm over reacting, cut the crap out of it!)
Let's do this "undramatically"..
  • 1,2,3 GO!
I join my father's business meetings a lot,
That is what an only businessman's daughter would do. I think.
It's not like "taking-over-his-business-when-his-gone-thing" but i just love to be supportive. Lucky you En. Ibrahim. LoL.
I often feel out of place when they start to talk about Politics,
Sometimes, i try to jumped in the coversation but the result was-
Not knowing what people know is the most unfavourable feeling to have.
I hate it.
  • From there, i started to educate myself.
I watch and read alot of news.
Keeping myself updated.
Keeping my ears at its best function.
  • There was one time,
(in which i'm totally head over heels with myself)
I followed abah to his meeting with Dr. Muszaphar Shukor The Ever Sexy Astronaut
(which happens to be my relative, HOT),
He (Sexy Guy) mentioned something on Malaysia's plan to further up the astronaut programme, and he mistakenly said the wrong figure of Malaysia's budget for the programme.
yes dear,
can i just say it again?
one more freaking time!
Damn, it sounds gooood.
it makes me feel good too.
  • Then the Sexy Orthopedic Doctor replied
" Oh yes, sorry, my mistake. You've been following the Programme's updates haven't you?"
I blushed terribly.
I was about to say " I even know your favourite Kuih Raya".
But it would sound freaky, would it?
  • To tell you the truth,
i didn't really follow the Astronaut programme just because the godess guy is involved in it,
I was very interested in the Programme itself!
  • I was getting more addicted to News-Feeds afterwards.
I can join in a lot of serious discussions.
It strengthen my self-image and confidence.
You should try to enjoy News-Feed.

It's sexy to know a lil bit of everything.



Syafiq said...

for me,intelligent women ARE sexy...hehe

aiMo0o said...

intelligent men are super sexy..

Syafiq said...

well...thank you... :p

CooZy said...

I was about to say " I even know your favourite Kuih Raya". But it would sound freaky, would it?

Nope, it just makes you sound like a stalker. (:

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