Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jonet's Tyre

Lemme just start.
(i have a test after tis but im dying to post tis pics)
  • Last Saturday,
i'm suppose to head back to Nilai.
But my left hand was not in a good condition.
so i decided not to drive back, i cant turn d sterring wheel around.
  • Then my friend drove me up for lunch.
Then he realised that my tyre was flat.
I assumed it was nothing serious and refuse to go for tyre check up.
After isi angin, the tyre looks better.
i forgot about the tyre since it looks ok and i assumed it stays 'ok'
  • Until the next day, the tyre went flat again.
My friend called a few times worrying about me driving the car with flat tyres and asked me to go n check..
  • i said "nanti2 lah i check, kurang angin je tu"
  • he said "degil lah. Bocor tu, bahaya. Dengan tangan sakit lagi. Go check the tyre first, sbelum balik Nilai"
  • i said "ok je tu, tgk lah dulu kalau rajin nak anta cek"

  • Then i drove the car hoping that the tyre is not having a serious problem.
but then, the sterring wheel starts to get harder to be turned around.
Thinking of the bad things that might happen to me on the road,
i decided to send Jonet (my car) to the nearest workshop.
it turns out that my tyre had a long-deep cut and it cant be fixed anymore.
  • "ini tayar ah sudah koyak owh, kena tukar balu punya meh", said the apek.
i have only RM5 with me at that time.
New tyre is deffinately more than RM5. (duhh!)
  • Then Nana said
"Spare tyre u yg kat blakang nie elok lagi?"
Fiuhhhh... lucky for me, Jonet has an extra tyre hanging on it's back.
So, they change the tyre.
  • Now Jonet is roaring again!
(Tu je nak crita..hehe)

Nana Jaiho~ with leg-less Jonet

For the firsttime, the spare tyre is opened.

the Doctors is fixing Jonet's leg.

There u go, new leg! but urm, to my beloved abah: plz bank in some money to replace the spare tyre... hehehe... anak perempuan abah sorang je.. hehe


Igniz said...

I can see that Jonet is suffering..maybe u should give him to me..i promise i'll take a good care of him...kesian dia...haihhh....XD

anis said...

nana gelak cmtu pun sgt comel ^^
rindu larh sama dy :D

gud luck 4 d test girls!

aiMo0o said...

Igniz: camera aimi abg ijan nak, jonet my soulmate tu pown abg ijan nak jgak?? tggal ape je kat aimi nnt.. T.T

Anis: hehehe.. she's cute in many ways.. she's a great roomate too.. the test is over.. it went well... alhamdulilah..

Syafiq said...

haa...almost the same la like my case.my car gegar gile,bile cek2,kene tukar tayar.dahla duit baru je kuar time tu.at least ade la gak duit.hehe.bahaya balik jauh2 kete x cek ni.aritu my car rosak kat sg buloh.nasib baik ijan ni ade.boleh gak la balik seremban time tu.hehe

aiMo0o said...

Syafiq: the problem with me is that i dunt do regular check on my car.. dah kempis tayar tu baru thegeh2 nak tukar.. i dunt really take good care of my car.. tp takowt gak kalu kena cam u, at least u lelaki, berani la sket.. kalu i nie??? haihh... takut2!! insaf sudah nie...

liana yusoff said...

jonet bogel..

~feefEE~ said...

u so nk kena ngn i!!!!

aiMo0o said...

aaaa lariii!!!!!!!!!!
makcik tua ngamuk... hak3!

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