Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Losing Myself

I dunt do the stuffs i usualy do
I dunt act based on what i preach
I dunt care about the things i used to care about
I spend less time with my family
I dunt sort out my priorities
But the horrifying part of it is that
I feel okay of going against my 'nature'...
Well it's not thaaat bad.
It is still under control.
It's just a phase.
i'll get over it soon.
for the record~
i dont touch my Nikon for a month already, Now that's hmmm,


Syafiq said...

please touch it and use it more...the nikon,i mean...hehe

Igniz said...

please don't touch it and use it more...the nikon, i mean...hehe..just give it to me. i've always wanted a camera. ;P

aiMo0o said...

Syafiq: Nikon must be really lonely... huhu

Igniz: aiyak, ade ke nak amek kamera org... da buruk la abg ijan...hehe

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