Thursday, September 3, 2009

Immature Technology Relationship

I took pictures a lot.

But one of the elements of producing good photos that i'm not familiar with is

I swear, i hate it.
there's just too manybuttons and too many functions..

"Lucky" thing for me, i need to be friends with Mr Photoshop since it's one of the basic requirements needed for my Multimedia class.

so here are sum of the first production of my immature relationship with Mr Photoshop, we're still trying to make it work. Hopefully i wont give up on him.

I won't publish all of my work, ofcourse.

But those are the three out of some that i've worked on so far..

i know, it's damn basic..

Wish me luck on my upcoming projects.



kubiey AkhmAL said...

nilai sekeping gambar tue terletak pada originality gambar tersebut..
biar buruk tak cantik..
tapi tersampai madsud gambar tue..
buat apa cantik indah..
tapi palsu edit2...

buruk tue indah..indah tue buruk...

p/s: i tak suka photoshop gak..tak pandai guna pon..hehehe....

aiMo0o said...


the whole class are forced to learn tis software...
for multimedia purposes..

CooZy said...

they look awesome! no doubt.

sometimes simplicity itself is enough to make it look good. (:

Fadhil said...

Tumpang lalu~
saje nk tunjuk something, cek ni ->

skrg dah tertarik kat Lomography :P
Tp ni gune camera classic.

for photoshop...tutorial die ade byk je kt YouTube & DeviantArt :D

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