Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In LoVe with my Guy friendS

I'm known for my talkativeness.
n trust me, i'm proud of it.
and i must say that i talk a lot.
but i'm a good listener as well.
i'm friendly with every one, including the males.

i admit that i have more guy friends than girl friends.
it's not that i dunt like being a gurly gurl.
there are few things about guys that i feel comfortable with.

in the 'friendship' context:

they are more open.
they are less emotional.
they are reliable.
they are supportive.
they are strong in many ways.
they can handle critics.
they understand jokes better.
they are not pretentious.
they are fun to hang out with.
they are caring.
they are understanding.
they are not criticaly judgemental.
kurang mengada, kurang gedik.

well, i'm saying this based on my Guy friends,
i dunt know about others.

I love my guy friends.
so very much.
they are like my rainbows.
colorful and fun to look at. *wink*

But dont get me wrong,
i can be a girly girl too.
i do shopping (which is a lot).
i love shoes n bags.
i cry at movies.
i date.
i like pink.
i have teddy bears.
i have polka dots printed on my pillow sheets.
i have david beckham poster.
i do the stuff typical girls do.
but the difference is, i enjoy watching football at mamak. yeahh!

lucky for me, my dearest to heart understands my mingle-habit with guys.
it's normal that sometimes he got a bit cranky but i totally understand why.
since i'm attached, i lower myself down a bit with the lepaking and ketawa-besar habits.
plus, i'm an adult muslim lady, i know my boundaries.
i know when to balik solat n all.
it's not nice to see 8 guys with one girl, drinking teh tarik at nite rite?
astaghfirullahalazim. hehe

my point is
I love my guy friends!

(to any body who feels uneasy about me lepaking with ur BF, suck it.. suck it real good, babe)


Igniz said...

thank God you're finally talking about guys. hakhak. jgn mara ye cik aimi. XD

p/s: lama tak drop by kat my page? kenal saya lagi tak? :P

aiMo0o said...

Igniz: I'm forever straight ok... cuma girls ni kadang2 tlebih menggoda.. hehehe... my guy friends slalu usha, so i pun trikut nak usha jugak... hahaha

saya drop kat page awak skarang jugak... sorry yea... jgn majuk ok... hehehe

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