Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids Eating Cute Chicky

Hello babies.

I've been thinking about chicken this morning (like every other morning, hehe).
I discovered that most restaurants that are serving chickens as their main course use logos with cute chicken in it. For example, chubby chicken with a happy face.

How can they have cute chickens as mascots while they are actually chopping them and serving them in plates?

Lets take KFC as example, they have Chicky as their mascot with the purpose of tackling the young customers. Kids love Chicky. Especially when Chicky performs cute dance and do other cute stuffs.

What if they found out that they are actually eating Chicky?
Chicky Meal is actually serving Chicky as a meal. Chicky on a plate. No more dancing. Its chopped and served. :'(

They should consider to copy A&W for a change. Using cuddly bear as mascot and its just as mascot and not actually a walking meal.

Its just a thought. huhu.

Well kids, guess what, YOU ATE CHICKY!!
(i can give details on how they cook Chicky.. call me *wink*)

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha to everyone!

Arwah Chicky


khadijah aminah md yusoff said...

ahahahah!!!!!!!!! aimi.. sampai macamtu aimi leh pk? kelaka la aimi ni.. adoi. arwah chicky tak tahan haahahhaaaaaaaa

IFA Athirah said...

Ha3.ur thought buat i ttiba trfkir gak.mcm ayam tu happy ble rmai org mkn die.wa3

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