Monday, November 1, 2010

Heart-You Quiz

1. When did you meet?
>> 3 years and a half ago.

2. Who made the first move?
>> I did. haha. It was not flirting (at first), i took his number for koko activities n we started to be friends since then.

3. Who's dominant in ur relationship?
>> He is.

4. How long does it take for the both of you to get involve in serious relationship?
>> almost two years since we first met.

5. Was it easy to fall for your partner?
>> He was quiet at first, but as we started to talk, i would say, its almost impossible not to fall for him. :)

6. How did she/he proposed?
>> He proposed twice actually. Not that i rejected any of it. I said 'yes' twice. hehe. At first it was tru text msg, then he said he wanted to make it official, then he brought me to a beautiful dinner and proposed again. Best times.

7. Do you guys fight?
>> Yes we do. We are different individuals, ofcourse we have conflict on things. Thank God, we never had big fights.

8. How do you guys deal with the fight?
>> He's very very calm in dealing with our conflicts. He'll get us to talk and we find ways to get over it.

9. How often do you meet?
>> On the evarage of 2-3 times a week.

10. What do you like most about him/her?
>> I like the fact that he's ambitious. He's full of surprises. He's very understanding (VERY)

11. Is he/she protective?
>> Very. Singa!

12. Whats ur best memory with him/her?
>> Banyak lah.. hehe.. the best would be something to do with a scooter.

13. He/she reminds you of?
>> Knight in shining armour. hehe

14. Your ringtone for your partner? his/her ringtone for you?
>> Travis, Closer. Im not sure if he changed it but it use to be Justin Bieber song.

15. Your special song with him?
>> Well as much as i hate this song, i would say Justin Bieber, Baby. he likes it.

16. One thing u wish to do with ur partner?
>> Grow old together.

17. Best features?
>> His big hands. Broad shoulders. His height. Eyes. Hair-do. Small ears.(this will be a very long list. hehe)

18. Best words he/she ever gave that made you smile?
>> I would say i like it most when he says he misses me. The rest is personal. haha

19. One thing he/she did that u cant forget?
>> He came all the way from melaka becoz my car broke down at mid valley. he's my superman!

20. Say something to him/her.
>> Sweetheart, what im gona do without you. U meant the world to me.

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