Friday, November 5, 2010

Speeding and Loud Music are Relatives.

Hye everyone..
Happy Deepavali to all Kajols and Malhotras

is my car. He's a black kembara.
The name was given by my wife, kupai back in my TESL years.
Anyway, this post is not about Jonet, just wana reintroduce him to my readers.

I love driving fast. Truly.
If only i have a fancy car with better engine (no offence Jonet, i love u still), i would be racing everyday, even if i'm just going to 7-eleven for a botlle of pepsi.

There are many factors that could trigger a driver to drive fast on the highway.
As for me, Music is a huge factor.
Other reasons could be-
1. Toilet emergency
2. Stupid fool who's driving too close to my bumper
3. Stupid fool who blinks the lights all the time as if he cant slow down
4. Sleepy and cant wait to reach home
5. Late for class (when im in my nerd mode, or else i just take my time)
6. Damn hungry
7. Jusco sale... perhaps.. hihi

Normal drivers love to listen to some music while driving. Especially when driving alone.
A research says that loud music can get your heart to pump actively. It gets u excited. U will feel a rush of blood going tru ur vains like a speed boat (dramatic, i know). Loud Music can trigger most drivers (with normal hearts' response) to drive faster.

Jadi, pasang lah lagu kuat2 dan menari lah!!.... errrr.. no no, i didnt mean that.. i take those back.. lets move on--

I watched a documentary once, it said something about the american soldiers in Iraq. While they are in action, loud music will be turned on. The music is put in their helmets' speaker (or something). It said that it motivates them to shoot and be more agressive during the attacks.

Interesting kan? (for me it is)

Why dont u do some experiment on this. Later when ur driving, u try to listen to David guetta's music and see how u drive. and then, u listen to some nasyid. Compare ur driving styles.

I wont say that slow songs are good for driving either, because it can get ur mind elsewhere and berangan mengikut irama. Bahaya ok.

Anyhow, I wish a safe journey to all road users, driving fast is one thing, driving safe is another.. so--

(cek road tax, tarikh lesen, minyak hitam, lampu kreta sbelum mula memandu ok)



Igniz said...

kesian jonet. haih.

Anonymous said...

u missed 1 point there..u r driving fast when u just love it!im truly one racing girl on road just like u...huhu..hey, its so much fun u know when speed up.especially when there's an idiot drivg like hell infront of i right?? ngee =)

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